Castle Building Centre: Achieving a DIY Backsplash on a Dime!


By Summer Baltzer,

Temporary Tile Fix: Achieving a DIY Backsplash on a Dime!

The kitchen, for so many of us, is the hub of the home, and a place we dream of making perfect. However, the dreaded apartment, otherwise known as “the place where our landlord tells us we can’t do anything,” can sometimes stand in the way of DIY fun. Don’t let that get in your way, though. There are plenty of temporary and contract abiding ways to make great changes to your culinary environment. Today’s task: the backsplash!

Here is what you’re going to need:

Picture frame – 12 x 12 (or the dimension of your tile layout)

6 x 6 tiles – 4 per 12 x 12 picture frame

Glue gun

Picture frame hardware

Image Courtesy of Summer Baltzer/
Image Courtesy of Summer Baltzer/

The price for this project can range anywhere from just a few dollars on up and is a great idea even for you homeowners looking to save a few bucks. If you’re looking to spend less, work on recycling your old frames and hit the discount tile bins. The bigger the price tag on the tile you choose, the more expensive the project. Also, you can introduce thinset and grout for a more permanent look. But, since this is a decorative project, we’re gonna use glue so you can save the expense for future projects!

Step One – Determine the Layout

For my project, I chose to go with a 12 x12 opening for my frame. That allowed me to use nine 4 x 4 tiles, four 6 x 6 tiles, or one 12 x 12 tile. You can certainly change the configuration and the size of your tile, but you want to add up the dimensions of your layout first before purchasing your frame. Another thing to keep in mind is that when you’re choosing a standard tile size, there will be no tile cutting involved. This project just got easier!

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