Ken Francis Now SaskParty Candidate

This past Monday, Ken Francis, Deputy Major and Town Councillor for Kindersley, took the lead over five other nominees to become the Kindersley constituency’s Candidate for the upcoming bi-election. Proud supporters cheered as the elated Francis first popped a kiss to his wife, Karen, before striding over to the stage for his victory speech.  

“I am honoured to be chosen as your new candidate, and now I will serve you and stand for you for the betterment of our communities.” Francis also said he was committed to protecting the SaskParty’s stronghold in our constituency from NDP advancements, and urged members to show their support for the upcoming bi-election. “We need a strong Party to stand against the spread of the left-wing support.”  

Image courtesy of Mallorie Rast/Kindersley Social

Later in a press conference, Francis said he was ecstatic about winning the nomination, and grateful for the people who made it possible.  According to Francis, he started late in the nomination race, and his application was late in being accepted by the SaskParty, so when he finally received the green light to start campaigning, he had a lot of catch up to do. “Fortunately, I found many strong supporters who were dedicated to bringing my platform out in the area.”  Francis’ team of supporters fanned throughout the Kindersley constituency and campaigned hard to bring in their goal of at least 600 more supporters.

Once their goal was reached, the team took things more easily during Christmas and waited for the big day. “The trouble with this campaign is that it was and still is very hard to measure the level of support each candidate had so we really had no firm idea of how the voting was going to go this evening.” Francis did say that his team was encouraged to note that a large number of his supporters were able to make it for the voting.

Francis raced against five other nominees in the Kindersley constituency, four of which called home in communities outside of the town of Kindersley. Darwin Whitefield from Coleville, Isabelle Ryde from Eston, Joseph Chiliak from Alsask, Jeremy Welter from Kerrobert and Tom Geiger from Kindersley all brought strong platforms and unique experiences to the voting night.  

Through the diligence and hard work of each nominee the Saskatchewan Party membership in the Kindersley area exploded from 300 to over 1,100 in just a few short months—the greatest number of memberships held in this area in the history of the SaskParty. While registration and voting numbers were not released, it was estimated that over 700 people turned up to give their opinion for the Kindersley constituency’s next SaskParty candidate.

Francis was born in the Kindersley area, took his schooling in Eatonia, and then worked for nine years in Regina and Saskatoon before returning to the Kindersley area to start a business and raise his family of three children.  Raised in an agriculture mindset, later working as a land professional for 3 decades and also building his own oilfield business for 22 years, Francis has a keen appreciation for business, agriculture and oilfield-related matters.

Image courtesy of Mallorie Rast/Kindersley Social

Over the years Francis also gleaned experience from sitting on various committees and boards such as the Saskatchewan Surface Rights Board of Arbitration, and Kindersley Chamber of Commerce, not to mention his stint as a Town Councillor and Deputy Mayor.  

Francis said that it was his time as Town Councillor and Deputy Major that first sparked an interest in the political side of our area. Now that he is a candidate for the MLA position, Francis will need to step down from those positions, so the Town will be facing another bi-election in the near future.  

The bi-election to choose an MLA from the candidates from each political party for the Kindersley area will be announced in the coming months.

Now a member of the SaskParty government, Francis plans to take things quietly at first. “I’ll be content to stand at the back and learn.” But he doesn’t plan to stay at the back long. “When there are many differing opinions and disputes are breaking out, this is where I thrive and I am confident that my skills and experiences will make me a valuable asset to finding solutions within our party.”  

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Feature Image Source: Mallorie Rast/Kindersley Social