While “only” 3% of Canadians are diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), many Canadians do experience a slump coined the “January Blues.”

In the midst of the January Blues or something more serious, a few organizations are out to help the Kindersley area.

So it’s cold, dark and ugly outside. Presents, paper and bags litter your rooms, your fridge reeks of leftover holiday food, your bank account hits its all-time low and you’re fighting a cold/flu that simply won’t leave.  For many, this set of circumstances makes it very easy to catch a case of the January Blues; some can pull out of it within a matter of days or weeks, for others, it can deepen into something more serious. Here are a few tips to fight the slump:


  • Get Regular Sleep—With the shorter days and changing weather it’s important to give your brain and body some stability by giving it as close to a regular sleep schedule as possible, try going to bed earlier to catch up on the zzzs you missed over the holidays  


  • Eat Whole Foods—After a month of chocolate, crackers and “grown-up beverages” it’s time to give your body a leg up by eating whole foods and balanced meals with plenty of protein and healthy fats


  • Get Moving—Your body releases “feel good” endorphins when stimulated by exercise. While a gym membership may be out of your range this January, try hopping unto YouTube or downloading an app to add a few moments of exercise in a day, even five extra minutes of exercise can work wonders.


  • Get Help—Often a helping hand is needed to get us back on our feet, and it’s important to recognize when we are dealing with something more serious than January Blues.  “If we are hurt on the outside, we know to get help from someone we trust like a friend or a doctor, but when we are hurt on the inside, we tend to withdraw into ourselves….but that is the exact opposite of what we need to do.” Scott Holloway, Pastor of Kindersley’s Redemption Baptist Church, noted that coming out and saying you need help is the first step to healing the pain.

Holloway’s Church is planning to reach out and give help to anyone who needs it by offering free seminars in person and online on the topics of Depression and Grief. “January/February is a time when many people are feeling low and some to the point where they feel they can’t deal with it any longer, so we want to help by giving them tools to deal with depression and grief, as well as spend time with them in person to help work through their situation.” Holloway says the seminars are free to come in person at the Redemption Baptist Church, or to tune in online at, under the resources tab, help for the hurting.

The seminars “Dealing with Depression” will be on Tuesday, January 23rd & 30th. Starting at 7:30 p.m. each evening, Holloway will guide each comer through a take-home resource as well as provide a personal ear for your situation.  On February 6th and 13th, Holloway will offer seminars in a similar format on “Grace through Grief.” Child care will be provided for those with young children, and drop ins are welcomed.  For those who plan to take in the event, please contact Holloway at 306-460-4688 to register.

Also available for support is a free Grief & Loss Support Group that will meet at the Parmasave in Kindersley on Main Street on January 18, 25 and February 1st. To register, call 306-463-1000 ext. 2562 or 2563.  

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