Congratulations to local Councillor Ken Francis, who has won the candidate nomination race, becoming a new part of the Saskatchewan Party government and candidate for Kindersley’s MLA bi-election.

Francis said “I’m ecstatic about winning the nomination and grateful to the people who made it possible.”

Francis aims to take his position as a part of the Saskatchewan Party government quietly at first. “I’ll be content to stand at the back and learn.” But he doesn’t plan on staying that way, “when there are many differing opinions and disputes are breaking out, this is where I thrive and I am confident that my skills and experiences will make me a valuable asset to finding solutions.”

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Ken Francis

Born in the area and schooled in Eatonia, Ken Francis worked for 9 years in Regina and Saskatoon before returning to the Kindersley area to start a business and raise a family of three children with his wife, Karen. Raised with an agriculture mindset, later working as a land professional for 3 decades and building his own oilfield business for 22 years, Francis has a keen appreciation for business, agriculture and oilfield-related matters. Francis’ experience includes the following:

  • President of Palliser Land Ltd, later Millennium Land Ltd
  • Saskatchewan Surface Rights Board of Arbitration Member and Vice Chairman
  • Town of Kindersley Councillor, Deputy Mayor
  • EK Water Board Member (current)
  • Western Regional Landfill Inc. Board Member (current)
  • Kindersley Regional Park Authority Board Member (current)
  • Kindersley Chamber of Commerce Board Member
  • Minor Hockey Coach/Manager
  • Minor Ball Board Member/Coach

In a recent statement, Francis says his recent election to Town of Kindersley Councillor “sparked a fire,” and prompted him to move into the political side of our province. “I feel I fit well into the renewal plans the Party has with the retirement of Premier Wall and I am very excited to have the opportunity to have a say in electing our next Premier! Anyone that knows me well knows I am a good teammate and a fighter for the things I believe in. I feel my experience and knowledge would go far in representing a good cross-section of voters in the constituency. I would be excited and honored to serve this area as the Saskatchewan Party nominee in the upcoming by-election next year and general election in 2020.”  

Francis says it wasn’t for the lack of good candidates that he decided to run, but he felt his broad and balanced resume in agriculture, business and oilfield matters make him a unique choice for our constituency.

Image Source: Mallorie Rast/Kindersley Social 

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Mallorie Rast
Born and raised in the Kindersley area, Mallorie has a deep appreciation for rural living and the importance of a community spirit. Farm girl to the core, she is passionate about training and working with stock dogs and sheep on the family ranch. When she’s not working on the farm or writing for Kindersley Social, she loves diving into history and apologetics.