An updated Kindersley Airport Bylaw 10-7 has been recently approved by the Town Council after several readings and some revisions suggested by airport users.

First read on November 27, 2017; the bylaw was a revision of the 11-16 bylaw and included modifications to the schedule of airport fees. When the bylaw was to appear for its second reading on December 11, two users of the Kindersley airport voiced their concerns. Kindersley Flying Club chairperson Monte Sheppard and Kindersley Airspray owner Colin Bevan both expressed apprehension about the new bylaw, particularly the additional fees that would be charged and the proposed changes for the Kindersley Regional Airport Advisory Board.

Thus the second reading of the bylaw was postponed to a later date. After some revisions to the fee changes and a second and third reading, the new bylaw passed Town Council approval on December 21 at a special council meeting

According to the Town of Kindersley website, “the Kindersley Regional Airport is a busy airport utilized by regular charter aircraft flying customers in to attend meetings, courier services, Medi-vacs, flight training, and aerial spray operations. There are also a large number of recreational pilots who use the Kindersley Regional Airport as a fuel stop.”

The airport also includes services such as a 24-hour manned weather observation station, courtesy car and taxi services, on-site aircraft maintenance repair and service, on-site aerial applications and heated hangar space.

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