KMS Quick Overview


The Kindersley Minor Sports Association was incorporated in 1983. It is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.


Currently there are 5 programs running under the banner of KMS – Kindersley Minor Ball, Power Skating Program, Kindersley Skating Club, Kindersley Minor Soccer and Kindersley Minor Hockey.

The function of the main executive board is to oversee the financial and administrative matters of the non-profit organization as a whole. Each program has its own board that oversees and administers that sport in the best interests of the children who are registered.

Lists of the executive members are posted on the Kindersley Minor Sports bulletin board, located in the West Central Events Centre. These executive members are valuable and provide needed input for the association to run efficiently. Anyone associated with Kindersley Minor Sports is eligible to sit in an executive position.

Kindersley Minor Sports has 3 employees; an Office Administrator, Book Keeper, and Concession Booth manager. The profits from the concession booth pay the wages for both of these individuals, as well as subsidize the registration fee that you pay. We staff the concession booth with volunteer labor, asking the parents/guardians of every registrant to work the hours stated on their registration form.

We are very grateful to the Town of Kindersley for providing our association with a subsidized ice rate. Our association asks that every member of Kindersley Minor Sports would show the utmost respect to the rink facility and the staff who work in it. Your co-operation would be appreciated in clearing the stands of your garbage and ensuring that the dressing rooms your children use are left in a respectable condition.

Kindersley Minor Sports also thanks Sask Lotteries, for funds to buy equipment for the kids. We are also very grateful to the business community for their sponsorship.

All coaching staff and team managers who work with our children are highly valuable to this association. We ask that you treat them with respect and use the correct channels when communication needs to happen.

Most of all, we value the children who are registered in our various programs. It is the job of all of us to ensure that they are playing in a safe environment, that they are corrected when they are disrespectful, and they are shown respect as individual athletes. We encourage parents/guardians to be involved in their child’s sport, volunteer your time, watch their practices, cheer at their games! Cheer for all the kids, it’s what makes great community spirit!

Have a great season!