An Overview of the Six Candidates

Darwin Whitfield

Born, raised, and continuing to live on a century-old family farm outside of Coleville, Darwin Whitfield and his wife of 35 years, Michele, have raised two children and now enjoy four grandchildren. Whitfield’s experience includes the following:  

  • 22 Years Municipal Governance for the RM of Oakdale
  • 10 Years serving as the Reeve for the RM of Oakdale
  • Former President of the Coleville Kinsmen Club and former Deputy Governor of Zone 7
  • Member of the Board of Directors Regional Economic Development Association (REDA)
  • Member of the Board of Directors for the West Central Economic Region
  • Acting Chair of the Regional Medical Art Clinic Authority
  • Member of the Board of Directors Kindersley Regional Airport
  • Member of the Board of Directors Western Regional Landfill Inc.
  • 40 Years officiating for Saskatchewan Hockey Association

According to Whitfield’s website,, Whitfield’s platform includes the following statement: “I have always put our communities needs before my own and look forward to serving you with that same integrity and dedication, by listening to you and bringing your voice forward.”  

In a recent interview, Whitfield expounded on his platform. “Right now there is a sort of disconnection between our constituency and Regina; I aim to bring the connectivity back, so our voices will be again heard.”  

Whitfield says that if he were to earn your trust and become the MLA, he would aim to bring economic growth and connection to all communities. With ethical governance, Whitfield aims to build strong and healthy communities that know they are well represented at the legislature.    

Isabelle Ryde

A resident of the community of Eston for nearly 40 years, Isabelle Ryde has a strong background in agriculture and a strong passion for the people in the Kindersley Constituency. Ryder’s experience is as follows:

  • 9 years involvement in municipal politics
  • 37 Years Family Farming
  • BA Sociology Major
  • Classes in Meditation and Conflict Resolution

In a recent interview, Ryde noted the importance of listening to the people in the constituency. “I believe people have great ideas and ways to bring about change, but they bury their the ideas because they feel that they are not heard — it is my goal to ensure that people are being heard.   

Ryde says she believes she would bring a voice of integrity and a spirit of hard-work to the MLA office if elected. With a BA of Sociology, Ryde is deeply interested in the Addictions and Mental Health, as well as the effects of marijuana on both of those issues. Ryde also noted the care of elderly and the overall healthcare of our area would be an area of passionate involvement.    

In a recent statement, Ryde summed up her campaign platform with these words: “I want to represent the people of the Kindersley Constituency with a strong voice of integrity and accountability. My goal is to listen to your concerns and also to solutions you may have. I hope to take this information with me to the legislature, to bring positive change.”

Joseph Chiliak

Born and raised in our constituency and proudly calling Alsask home for most of his life, Joseph Chiliak is passionate about bringing people within our constituency together in an interest to make their voice heard in the provincial government. Chiliak’s experience includes the following:

  • Small Business Owner
  • Farmer
  • Difference Maker with the Rick Hansen Relay
  • Member of the SK Youth Parliament (former)
  • Volunteer with recent by-election

Chiliak’s platform statement, “From the Community, For the Community” neatly sums up the thrust Chiliak plans to take if chosen to be the MLA in the Kindersley constituency. Chiliak aims to challenge the apathy and frustration many in our area feel about the provincial governing body. “I am willing to listen and hear what people have to say about their needs and wants, and I will be committed to making their voice heard.” Chiliak says a constituency-wide meeting twice a year for a Q&A time will be beneficial for the people in the area as they will be more likely to make their voices heard and take an interest in making that connection with the seats in Regina.  

In the light of the recent fires that swept Saskatchewan and Alberta in October 2017, Chiliak’s platform includes exploring how fire safety and fire response times may be improved in our area. The Carbon Tax is another point Chiliak touched on in a recent interview, as well as holding the federal government to their promise of providing funding to clean up abandoned oil wells.  

“I want to serve as the MLA for this constituency because I have a passion for my community… and am extremely invested in seeing our community succeed.”

Jeremy Welter

Born and raised just outside of Kerrobert, Jeremy Welter is a husband, a father, a 4th generation farmer and a strong voice for agriculture in Saskatchewan. Welter is a believer in the diversification of our economy and the need for value-added processing on the prairies. Welter’s experience is as follows:

  • Board Member of Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS)   
  • APAS Director for District 6 (a district in the Northwest area of Saskatchewan)
  • Chair for Economic Trade and Strategic Growth Committee, and
  • Participated in Youth Mentorship Program with that committee to gain a practical  
  • Understanding of how local policy issues can eventually go to provincial policy directives  
  • Met with the UK High-Trade Commission to be a strong voice for agriculture in our area
  • Math and English Teacher in Columbia for six years

In a recent interview, Welter noted that if elected as MLA in our constituency, he would aim to focus on rebuilding the shattered connections from the communities to the MLA office. “An elected official needs to have his finger on the pulse of an area and of the communities. The official needs to know the areas of concern and what the driving forces are for the people in that area in order to know how to serve them.”  Welter’s background with APAS has already given him a feel for the logistics of that statement at a regional level.  

Welter says he is not aiming to enter the position with his own agenda, but to listen to the advice and concerns of the leaders and people around him. “Too many people feel their voice doesn’t matter, my goal would be to make those connections so people do realize their voice matters, so they could utilize provincial programs that they may not realize are out there and so they will not be apathetic about voting but instead realize how everyone has a responsibility to build this constituency.”     

Ken Francis

Born in the area and schooled in Eatonia, Ken Francis worked for 9 years in Regina and Saskatoon before returning to the Kindersley area to start a business and raise a family of three children with his wife, Karen. Raised with an agriculture mindset, later working as a land professional for 3 decades and building his own oilfield business for 22 years, Francis has a keen appreciation for business, agriculture and oilfield-related matters. Francis’ experience includes the following:

  • President of Palliser Land Ltd, later Millennium Land Ltd
  • Saskatchewan Surface Rights Board of Arbitration Member and Vice Chairman
  • Town of Kindersley Councillor, Deputy Mayor
  • EK Water Board Member (current)
  • Western Regional Landfill Inc. Board Member (current)
  • Kindersley Regional Park Authority Board Member (current)
  • Kindersley Chamber of Commerce Board Member
  • Minor Hockey Coach/Manager
  • Minor Ball Board Member/Coach

In a recent statement, Francis says his recent election to Town of Kindersley Councillor “sparked a fire,” and prompted him to move into the political side of our province. “I feel I fit well into the renewal plans the Party has with the retirement of Premier Wall and I am very excited to have the opportunity to have a say in electing our next Premier! Anyone that knows me well knows I am a good teammate and a fighter for the things I believe in. I feel my experience and knowledge would go far in representing a good cross-section of voters in the constituency. I would be excited and honored to serve this area as the Saskatchewan Party nominee in the upcoming by-election next year and general election in 2020.”  

Francis says it wasn’t for the lack of good candidates that he decided to run, but he felt his broad and balanced resume in agriculture, business and oilfield matters make him a unique choice for our constituency.


Tom Geiger

Resident of Kindersley and Funeral Director for the Kindersley and area for over 20 years, Tom Geiger’s experience is as follows:  

  • Member of the SaskParty Provincial Council  
  • Town of Kindersley Councillor for two terms
  • West Central Government Committee member, which includes municipalities across the region
  • Board member of the Kindersley & District Health and Wellness Foundation for 12 years
  • Original Chair of Kindersley Regional Medical Arts Authority
  • Current Chair of the Community Advisory Network (CAN)
  • Member of the Great Plains College Advisory Council
  • Member of the Kindersley Drug & Alcohol Awareness Network (KDAWN)
  • Vice President of the Saskatchewan Board of Funeral Homes
  • Assisted Department of Social Services to reinstate funding to continue to provide funerals for low-income households
  • Received a BA  in Economics, minored in Political Science, from the University of Saskatchewan      

If elected as MLA, Geiger would aim to reconnect with the people of the Kindersley constituency. “From my experience as a funeral director in our area and other councils and committees in our area,  I’ve already had the opportunity to hear the concerns of people such as highways, health care, education, affordable housing, and taxation. Since I’ve been in the position to hear those ideas, I would like to expand on that experience, meet more people, no matter who they support politically and work with them to solve some of the longstanding issues.”       

In a recent statement, Geiger neatly summed up his platform for the MLA nomination race. “Having spent the last 24 years serving families in the constituency, running for the SaskParty nomination is the next step. I feel that I have the right mix of experience locally, and working with different levels of government to help provide effective improvements. My commitment is to always be available to listen to constituents and to strive to improve the lives of every single person.”  

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