Sonshine Kennels: A Few Quick Grooming Essentials


With summer well upon us, a few quick grooming essentials can make the heat and rain, sun and surf easier for all concerned. First of all, keep the dog’s coat at a length that will keep them cool and comfortable. This depends entirely on the breed of the dog and your preference as an owner. A coat that is too thick and matted only adds to the pet’s discomfort and susceptibility to heat exhaustion.

Also, keeping the ears free from hair and wax can further eliminate hot summer ear infections. Lastly, be aware of the length of toe nails. A constant clicking on the floor and sore feet can be an indication a toe nail clipping session is due. Always check dew claws-they can easily grow and start pressing into the foot pad. Just a few quick checkpoints and your pet’s summer can be cool and comfortable.