When you started your business you likely had big aspirations for “oh the places you’ll go!”.

This new experience naivety is the reason us crazy, aspirational entrepreneurs are even capable of taking the leap in the first place, but pretty soon we realize the harsh truth: It’s DEFINITELY not as easy as we thought it might be. And in fact, we know nothing. That’s the less than ideal news.

But the good news is, we’re pretty incredible learners! And we’re going to figure it out, failure and all.

I want to help streamline that process for you, especially if you are currently finding yourself in a plateau when it comes to your business or running on the hamster wheel trying to keep up, and not getting closer to where you really want to be. Here’s 5 reasons you’re not getting ahead in your business.

You have a case of the “Compare-sies”
Alas, the doctor has entered and given you the diagnosis. You’ve been afflicted with full blown “compare-sies disease”. You’re so far gone that you don’t even realize how much time this “shiny object syndrome” has wasted for you. You constantly see others getting results and want to immediately try the latest and greatest trend, tip and tricks that are being peddled and promoted, and with each shiny object you add to your list you drain away the energy, time and attention for the things that REALLY matter in your business.

You’re too busy PROTECTING What’s Yours
This is just a nice way to say you’re WAY too worried about your competition and what others are doing. Contrary to popular belief, it does not matter one tittle what your competition is doing. Even if they’re talking crap about you, the amount of energy they are wasting is definitely an advantage for you. So they’re having success…EXCELLENT. Be happy for them, and grateful that it’s showing you what you want more of. “But Paula! You don’t understand! They’re getting their success in such a sleazy and dishonest way!” EVEN BETTER. I know that you know, that what goes around, comes around. And when the bottom falls out for them, you’ll be there with your high integrity, high quality business ready to scoop up all the eager clients and customers.

You, and your business, are dizzy from spinning
I used to wear my “ability to multi-task” like a badge of honour on my sleeve. Little did I know that pride in the QUANTITY of things you can do, almost always has a negative effect on the QUALITY of your work. Not only that, but this complete lack of focus from switching your attention to #allthethings has your energy, and your business, in a tailspin. You want to get ahead in your business? Get REALLY good at doing 1, 2 or 3 things. And when you’ve mastered that, move on and up to one more thing. The measure of your success is not in how many things you can do, but how well you can do one thing. Make that one thing your mission and plan around it.

You think the Daughter of your Aunt’s, neighbour’s, co-worker isn’t going to like your video
Okay obviously this was a gross over exaggeration. Or was it? When it comes to marketing activities, or “putting yourself out there” you care far too much about what people think. This is likely a contributing factor to your lack of focus as you try to be all things to all people, instead of owning and taking pride in what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for. If you suffer from the fear of what others think, you are holding yourself back from some serious gold, my dear. And it likely means you haven’t taken time to answer those three details above OR you’ve forgotten the answer. (Hint: Take a few minutes to answer those Q’s above as a little reminder.) There will ALWAYS be people who don’t get it, don’t care, and–when you’ve really made it- -will troll you and tell you that you suck and why you’re wrong. But when you’re putting yourself out there, you’ll also create WAY more raving fans that will tell you how awesome you are and how much they love you and what you do.

You burn the candle at both ends
Unfortunately you have likely been lead to believe that the “Hustle” culture is where it’s at when it comes to getting s#*t done around here, and while I’m a definite believer in sacrificing some time and pleasure in those early and busy stages of business, “Hustle” should not be the norm. If it is, then you’re likely in one of two camps: You’re doing a WHOLE lot of the wrong things for your business (see “Compare-sies”) OR you’re sacrificing far too much of your quality of life in other areas–likely time with your family, friends, doing the things you enjoy, and sleep.

Accomplishing what you set out to in your business is not a race. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. And if you want your business (and your health!) to last you long into the future, you have got to take a focused, aligned and balanced approach to your life and business.

That’s it! Aren’t you relieved there’s only 5 reasons you aren’t getting ahead in your business? All joking aside- -there are some really easy solutions to remedy these (Just do the opposite of what I said). And like always, I’m always here to support you and cheer you on.

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Wishing you the best of all things you!

Paula Haubrich, ACC, ECPC
Alignment & Leadership Coach
“I help high achievers get it all done without burnout and sacrifice.”


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