Source: Ben Cousins, CTV News, September 5, 2019 

A Calgary man on a recent tour of the Senate was told to remove a shirt that displayed his support for the oil and gas industry.

William Lacey, a chief financial officer for Steelhead Petroleum Ltd., wore a shirt said “I (heart) (maple leaf) OIL & GAS” during a tour of the Senate over the long weekend and said he was swiftly taken aside by security and told to either wear the shirt inside-out or leave.

“The security guard looked at me and said: ‘Excuse me sir, I’m going to have to ask you to remove that shirt.’ And I looked and him and I said: ‘Excuse me?’ And he said: ‘Yes, you’re going to have to remove that shirt because some people may view that as being offensive,’” Lacey told CTV News.

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Image Source: CTV News 

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