UPDATE – July 11, 10:00AM

Some residents from the Kindersley Golf View Mobile Acres are picking up the pieces after last night’s summer storm blew through the neighborhood.  Four fifth-wheel trailers blew over with a sudden blast of the storm, trapping two people and one dog.

RV Trailers blown over in Gulf View Trailer Court, Image Courtesy of Mallorie Rast/Kindersley Social

Torrential rain and hail accompanied the winds, making visibility nearly impossible for a period of time.  “I felt like I was sitting in the middle of Niagara Falls,” said Neil Armstrong, whose trailer was parked on the west side of Golf View Mobile Acers. Armstrong described the sudden crash as his neighbor’s trailer blew into his, impaling his trailer’s wall.  “My backdoor was scrunched so I tried to come around the other door and look out the window to see what was going on, but I couldn’t even see the trailer to know what had happened.”

Image courtesy of Kindersley Fire Facebook
Image courtesy of Mallorie Rast/Kindersley Social

Armstrong’s neighbor was entrapped in her trailer, fortunately, the Kindersley Fire Department were able to rescue her, and she sustained no serious injuries.  A few trailers down from Armstrong, a man and one dog were entrapped in a second trailer, they two sustained no serious injuries.

Fire Chief Ron Hope noted that the storm blew up very quickly and carried more force with it than many people anticipated.  “Then there was also an extra force of wind along the edge of the storm, that seemed to hit only select areas of the town. The combined force of the angle of the wind and the angle of the parked trailers was too much so some of the crashed over like a stack of dominos.”

RV Trailers blown over in Gulf View Trailer Court, Image Courtesy of Mallorie Rast/Kindersley Social
Storm cloud near Kindersley on July 10th – Image Submitted by Justin Drew Cole
Fallen bins between Netherhill and Brock – Image submitted by Kevin Rast

July 10, 9:00PM

Severe weather is wreaking havoc in the Kindersley area. Reports say 5th wheel trailer homes have been displaced and some local residents have already been rescued by Kindersley Fire – some from an elevator and some from damaged trailers.

There have also been multiple reports of downed power lines and trees. Stay in doors and do not travel unless necessary.

If you need assistance or have been displaced contact the Red Cross Disaster Services – 1 (888) 800-6493

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