What are the bylaw requirements for private swimming pools?

Town of Kindersley’s Swimming Pool Bylaw 01-10 outlines the requirements for private in-ground and above-ground swimming pools in Kindersley. Specifically, the bylaw pertains to lined pools at least 600mm (1.97 feet) in depth above or below grade level, including hot tubs.

Other provisions of the Bylaw are as follows:

Permits – A permit must be obtained from the Town prior to the construction of any private swimming pool or demolition of an existing pool.

Enclosures – Every private swimming pool must have an enclosure that is a minimum height of 1.5 meters above grade for in-ground pools, and no less than 0.61m (2 ft) from the grade, deck or platform for above-ground pools.

Fences – If a fence forms part of the enclosure and is immediately adjacent to the pool, precautions should be taken to ensure that it is not reasonably practical for people outside of the private property to climb the fence to access the pool.

Gates – All gates must be installed to swing outward away from the swimming pool. All gates must be equipped with a self-closing device, a latch to hold the gate closed,
and a lock.

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