(NC) It’s no wonder many Canadians are apprehensive about shopping for a new car or SUV. Owning a vehicle is often the second largest (and longest) financial investment we make next to real estate. That’s a lot of hard-earned dollars to spend on a single item, so it’s important to choose wisely.

To help navigate the buying process, Hyundai Canada wants Canadians to consider these three factors before heading to the dealership for a test drive:

1. Think ahead: Whether you’re purchasing or leasing, selecting a new vehicle is not a short-term decision. Consider what changes you have planned for your family in the next few years. If you’ll need to fit more than one car seat in the back, or if you’ll be chauffeuring your children and their friends around town, it may be best to opt for a larger SUV even if you only need a sedan today.
2. One charge or two: Electric vehicles have made incredible improvements in the past few years and no longer need to cause drivers range anxiety. In fact, the Hyundai Kona electric gets up to 415 kilometres of range on a full charge. In addition to helping the environment, those who purchase or lease electric vehicles could be eligible for impressive government rebates.
3. Safety: One in five parents admit that driving with children in their vehicle stresses them out. Ensuring that your next vehicle provides these little passengers the best safety features is of course a top priority. The new Hyundai Palisade SUV comes with 2nd and 3rd row seat belt reminders so parents can rest assured knowing everyone is buckled in and ready to go. Parents should always look at vehicle safety features and ratings before making any decisions.

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