Long time ago, in a far away place, a baby was born.

Not in a palace, not conceived in a Hallmark setting, not even worth noting. Angels sang and shepherds heard – “Peace on earth.”

That’s what we say at Christmas.

“But that was long ago!” – that’s what we also say.

What if we said, “UPDATE”?

This year has been one of those years.

I talk to farmers, they cough a little as they try to sound cheery. The oil workers choke on low prices and environmental activism. Social conservatives struggle to find their voice in a liberal Canada. Personal relationships end in murder and suicide.

We are headed into a violence cycle that means war at home, and abroad – violence continues and trust is broken. We are more stressed with work and money and housing than we care to admit. Mental health issues arise in contrast to peace of mind.

That’s analysis. Which leads to paralysis. Which is not good!

Let me weave a Christmas tale for today.

Our fears have a dark side. I don’t have to outline those for you. You know.

There is a tipping point to fear. Your immediate situation finds you heading down the trail of life. The path comes to a fork. One fork is better left. The other leads to the right.

On the left, you head into further anxiety and the troubles of this world are magnified. Until those fears overwhelm. Darkness sets in and smothers you.

To the right, you find a bright side to fear. You begin stepping into a world where you are not in control. Your greatest search is now to find out who is in control. Small patches of light begin to appear. The farther you search, the greater the light. Until finally you are flooded with the light of . . . what?

What if that light came in a human-sized picture frame? What if you could see that “what” up close and personal? What if that “what” became “who”? And you could sit down and talk, enjoy the company and be transformed from fearful to peaceful?

That’s Christmas for today.

Oh, and the “who”? The Christ in Christmas.

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Ron Baker
Ron Baker is a recently retired (2005) member of the Kindersley community. His roots run deep – his grandfather homesteaded just outside Kindersley in the early 1900's. Ron was born in the old Kindersley Hospital, has made his home in various other communities over the years, but keeps coming back. Committed to the community, Ron has found his local involvement has proved to be great fodder for some hilarious tales and tragic events. His experience in administration and working with people, along with his love for a good story, ought to help to bring daily life to life! Ron blogs at, and is pleased to be a part of the writing “crew” at Kindersley Social.