Project Expected to Continue Through the Summer Months

Motorists on Highway 7 between Kindersley and Rosetown should expect construction delays to not disappear anytime soon.

The delays will pay off, as the construction project is adding two sets of passing lanes between Kindersley and Rosetown.

The paving project is expected to continue through the summer with fall being the completion timeframe.

Since Highway 7 does not have adequate volumes of traffic to warrant twinning, passing lanes are an efficient and fiscally responsible alternative.

The passing lanes are expected to aid in proper traffic flow and to address the safety concerns of traffic backed-up on the highway.

Please remember to factor in delays into your travel time and abide by the speed limits in construction zones.

West of Kindersley will also see construction as Highway 7 from Kindersley to the Saskatchewan-Alberta border will be receiving additional passing lanes in the near future.

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