Greg Andres is Cycling Across Canada This Summer

Traveling bicyclists can be a common sight in the summer months, but for a cyclist who passed through Kindersley, this was more than your average summer jaunt.

Three weeks ago on June 5th, Andres dipped his bicycle wheels in the Pacific ocean and started an adventure of a lifetime. After months of research, planning, and preparation Andres started on his nearly 6,700km route across the true north strong and free.

Bicycle loaded with camping gear and supplies, his route began in Vancouver B.C. After the seemingly endless mountain passes he is now traveling across the prairies before hitting northern Ontario and onwards to Quebec. Andres plans to skirt around western New Brunswick then will ferry over to Nova Scotia where he will dip his tires in the Atlantic Ocean!

Yesterday, Andres passed through Kindersley on his way across the prairies. This area struck a chord for him since he was raised in Saskatchewan and worked for a beekeeper in the Eatonia area in the mid 90’s.

Greg Andres at Kindersley – courtesy of Greg Andres

Andres did not stay in Kindersley for long as he was headed for Rosetown on his way to Saskatoon to visit family north of the city of bridges. We managed to catch up with Greg and ask him how the trip was going so far:

On the prairies what are your average kilometres per day? 

On a good day I can do 110km quite easily. As long as there is no headwind!

What do you appreciate about the prairies? 

I grew up on the prairies. I love the landscape and the skyscape. But most of all I appreciate the people. I forgot that waving is a reflex in rural Saskatchewan!

What are your thoughts on the trip so far? 

It’s been a lot of work and has required a lot of perseverance. I have to admit that I’ve been close to quitting! But I haven’t! And I’m glad I haven’t. I have met some incredible people.

What do you anticipate as you continue East? 

I am really not looking forward to cycling in northern Ontario. There is going to be a lot of climbing. And the shoulders are really narrow along the #17.

What is your least favourite thing/experience that you have had on the trip? 

The days and days of cold and rain in the mountains. When I cycled from Lake Louise to Canmore it was 2 degrees and pouring rain. I didn’t think I’d ever be warm again!

What is your favourite thing/experience about the trip? 

The people I have met. So many amazing, generous and kind people!

Is biking on the side of the highway nerve wracking? 

It’s fine if the shoulder is nice and wide. But if the shoulder narrows or disappears…it can get scary really fast! There’s nothing like the feeling of being forced into the lane with vehicles…and then hearing a big rig pumping its brakes as it comes up behind me!

We wish Greg every bit of success on his bicycle adventure!

Greg Andres currently lives in Ontario where he teaches philosophy at the University of Waterloo.

You can follow Greg and his adventure on

Feature Image: Greg’s Bicycle at Town of Kindersley Sign – Courtesy of Greg Andres 

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