Interview With MP Cypress Hills – Grasslands

The Member of Parliament for Kindersley, David Anderson (MP Cypress Hills – Grasslands), is not seeking reelection in the upcoming 2019 fall election. Anderson has served in Parliament for six terms, over the past 19 years. His hometown is Frontier, Saskatchewan – where he was a farmer prior to entering the political arena.

In an interview with Anderson on March 15, 2019, he shared some of his reflections on his time in Parliament.

What reflection pops up immediately? Anderson stated that it has been a tremendous honour to represent local people who trust in you. He claims his constituency is populated with “the best people in the world”. After being elected, he spent time getting to know people – now he is constantly crossing paths with friends.

What pushed you into politics? One issue stood out! Farmers (of which he was one) needed more freedom. He fought for the dismantling of the Canadian Wheat Board (2012), and feels this continues to be a benefit to farmers.

Any other focus areas? Anderson chaired the National Prayer Breakfast for four years. In 2010 he saw that freedom of religion and belief was not being adequately addressed. He called together the 1st Annual Parliamentary Forum, with seven faith groups present, to discuss issues confronting them at the time. So far, seven such forums have been held, with the invitations being seized upon immediately.

How does religion affect people? Almost 80% of the world’s population govern their lives based on faith issues. Anderson pointed out that everybody has a set of beliefs –about where they have come from, who they are now, and where they are going. This impacts every person. All people are equal. The recent religious violence in New Zealand against Muslims is appalling.

Is this retirement? Anderson was insistent that this is not a retirement, but rather a move to something else. Realistically, he notes that he can expect to follow in the footsteps of other former parliamentarians who have found a challenge in moving from a fast-paced, high-challenge environment into something new.

Why now? Anderson states that when you wish to leave something, the best time to go is when you still want more from it. That is his case. Practicality also comes into play. Each election campaign requires energy to run and a strong commitment for the coming four years. He also recognizes the price families pay, over 2/3 of his time has been away from family. His new normal will include more time with his wife Sheila.

Your wisest decision while in politics? Shared accommodations with MP Kevin Sorenson, beginning in 2001. The past 18 years have provided support politically, excellent visiting times, wives who get along great and uplift in difficult times. Anderson believes, of those MPs sharing accommodations with another MP, this has been the longest.

Dave Anderson – friend, fighter, farmer, religious defender . . . a great heritage and example for our constituency.

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Ron Baker
Ron Baker is a recently retired (2005) member of the Kindersley community. His roots run deep – his grandfather homesteaded just outside Kindersley in the early 1900's. Ron was born in the old Kindersley Hospital, has made his home in various other communities over the years, but keeps coming back. Committed to the community, Ron has found his local involvement has proved to be great fodder for some hilarious tales and tragic events. His experience in administration and working with people, along with his love for a good story, ought to help to bring daily life to life! Ron blogs at, and is pleased to be a part of the writing “crew” at Kindersley Social.