It’s already been a month since Kindersley resident Kim Mah was named the winner of the CAA $100,000 Member Prize; a prize earned from being an exemplary and consistent member of the CAA for over 21 years.

The prize fund was set out by CAA to celebrate the 100 years from 1917 to 2017.

Mah was not the sole recipient of the $100,000; half of the prize went to three different non-profit organizations of her choice. The Kindersley Library Board received $15,000, West Central Abilities Inc., $20,000, and $15,000 went to the Kindersley and District Food Bank.

Mah’s portion of the prize money wasn’t literal cash, but in CAA dollars, worth $50,000 in Canadian currency. At the time of the cheque presentation, Fred Titanich, President and CEO for CAA, said Mah be able to use the funds in future travel plans.

Marilyn Shea, librarian at the Kindersley Branch of Wheatland Regional Library, says the Kindersley Library Board has plans to use the funds practically over the year, but have yet to completely decide where the funds will land. Shea is currently researching and bringing quotes together for the board to discuss at their next meeting at the end of the month.

Kimberli Edmunds, Director of West Central Abilities (WCA), was not available for comment as to how their donation was currently being used. In a previous statement, however, Edmunds said the funds would likely be channeled into the modernization project WCA is working on. “We are aiming to build the center in a safe and accessible location within the core of our community. Kim’s proceeds will help to open the door to a greater future for individuals in our community who are experiencing a disability.”


Image courtesy of Shayna Murray/CAA Saskatchewan


Linda Resch, President of the Kindersley and District Food Bank, says that the funds have already been partially put to use. “Obviously, we are spreading the funds throughout the year, but a portion of it has been extremely helpful in purchasing food for families in need.”

Resch says the publicity the food bank received after the news of the donation seemed to also be in the bank’s favor as more donations than usual came in during February. The need for donations, however, is constantly there.

Resch says items like peanut butter, canned fruit, juices, and dry cereal are commonly used items and are great to donate; however if people are not sure what to donate, cash is also very helpful. “Try buying over 15 jugs of milk at a time, it makes you realize how helpful cash donations are to the food bank,” Resch laughed.

Over the next few weeks, both Walmart and the Kindersley radio station have donation boxes out for the Kindersley & District Food Bank, or donators can also call 306-460-7022 and arrange for an “in person drop off” at the bank itself.

Feature Image Source: Mallorie Rast/ Kindersley Social 

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