All of the Province is Under Extreme Cold Warning

There is no where to escape the cold this morning. According to Environment Canada the warmest spot in the entire province is Cypress Hills Provincial Park at a balmy -29.9 C.

Bus routes across the province have been cancelled as the high pressure arctic ridge settles over Saskatchewan. The arctic air is creating low morning temperatures in the -30s with a few areas dropping lower to the -40 mark. At this cold of temperatures even the slightest wind can plummet the temperatures as wind chills of -40 to -50 are widespread.

Environment Canada expects wind chills to moderate later today but will likely return to most regions tonight. Kindersley can expect -45 wind chill Thursday night.

Temperatures like this puts everyone at risk, wind chills of this degree can give frostbite within minutes. Remember to dress in layers and cover skin.

If it’s too cold for you to stay outside, it’s too cold for your pet to stay outside.

If you are traveling remember to bring an emergency kit, such as extra blankets or jumper cables.

Read the full Environment Canada weather statement here

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