By Ron Baker.

We are about to be released back into the wild. Our time of isolation is coming to an end – we hope. A Saskatchewan based phased approach to ending our isolation is bringing hope.

But are we ready for a new normal?

When my first wife died, I wanted to be normal again – right away. I wanted to not have to worry about making meals, or getting paperwork done for agencies dealing with my wife’s estate, or even just coming home to a house alone.

Perhaps your isolation has given you a chance to re-view what you have been living in light of death all around us.

Perhaps you are ready to find a new normal.

Let me make a few suggestions. These thoughts have been tumbling around in my head for the past few weeks. Here is what I have been seeing.

We must search for humility. Pandemics overwhelm us. We realize that we are mortal, we are not invincible, we are not God.

Peaking into the periphery I have a sighting of God – a “beyond us” being. Who rightly judges, and yet loves us with mercy – who knows all, and yet gives us freedom to choose – who controls all, and yet hears our pleadings.

That gives me hope for the future.

We must accept that we are wounded. Pandemics leave scars. We grieve lost jobs, lost loved ones, lost social presence.

Peaking into the periphery I have a sighting of God – a man who experienced deep sorrow and grief. Who left the best normal to be with us earthlings – who served while being rejected – who accepted death to provide a new normal of health for us.

That gives me joy in living.

We must rid ourselves of selfishness. Pandemics point out our failings. How soon we turn to complaining, how soon we expect the worst of others, how soon we want to be rid of suffering while others suffer.

Peaking into the periphery I have a sighting of God – whose presence fights selfishness while turning us towards love. Who slips into our daily life patterns and gives redirection – who helps in healing brokenness with peace – who joyfully takes us from our old normal to a new normal.

That gives me faith to go on.

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