With the pool project continuing to make progress before the winter months, Kindersley citizens step forward with more creative fundraising plans.

This new fundraiser, called “Chase the Ace”, is the brainchild of a newly formed volunteer program, called the Kindersley Community Services Group.  This group was created to combine many of the service clubs in the area, such as the Kindersley Big Dippers or the Rotary Club.  

“The idea of the group is to concentrate our fundraising efforts for a particular project, and right now that project is the pool,” said Jamie Henry, member of the Big Dippers club and committee member of the Kindersley Community Services Group.

Henry is one of the two representatives from the Kindersley Big Dippers that are sitting on the committee for the Kindersley Community Services Group. “Since our focus right now is on the pool project, we wanted to make sure that the Big Dippers were actively involved in the projects.”

Their first project, “Chase the Ace” is inspired by a popular form of lottery for raising funds for a worthy cause. The rules of the game include a draw every second Thursday, starting on October 6, at 7:30 p.m. at the Kindersley Elks Hall.  

Participants are encouraged to purchase lottery tickets during the two-week period, thereby raising the lottery and jackpot pools. The winner of the lottery takes 20% of the overall funds; they then draw a card from a deck of cards for a chance to win the jackpot (30% of the accumulated funds) if the ace of spades is drawn. If not, the reduced deck is kept for the following game. The remaining 50% of the biweekly funds are donated to the pool project.  

Henry noted that if the winner of the game’s lottery happens to be away from the Elks Hall during the draw, they will be contacted via the phone number on their ticket, and given 30 minutes to make it down to the Elks Hall and cut for the ace. If that time requirement is not met, the winner forfeits their chance for the ace, but their lottery win still stands. The game will continue until 10,000 tickets are sold, or until 26th draw happens.   

“We hope the draw will turn into a biweekly event,” says Henry. “A bar will be open from 5:00 p.m. until 10:30 p.m., so people can come on down and hang out and visit with friends while they wait for the draw.”

Major sponsors of the events are JEM Creative and Pro-Built Solutions. “We are extremely thankful for this sponsorship. JEM stepped forward to design and print our tickets, and Pro-Bilt Structures Ltd. guaranteed the ace pot for $1,000 for the first draw, as well as a door prize of 4 Rider tickets and a hotel room in Regina.”

Tickets may be purchased from any Kindersley Community Services Group committee member, or from several businesses, including Avenue Fashions, Murlin Electronics, Lela’s Music Centre, Hangers Drycleaning and Fabricare, Pro-Built Solutions and the Town of Kindersley office.  

Image Source: Mallorie Rast/Kindersley Social 

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Mallorie Rast
Born and raised in the Kindersley area, Mallorie has a deep appreciation for rural living and the importance of a community spirit. Farm girl to the core, she is passionate about training and working with stock dogs and sheep on the family ranch. When she’s not working on the farm or writing for Kindersley Social, she loves diving into history and apologetics.