Canadian politics has a new phrase: Independent Partisan.

Wilson-Raybould and Philpott portrayed this word. In their Monday, May 27th announcements to run for office in the federal election, the seeming oxymoron arose.

I was raised on the oxymoron “Good Grief”. Two words that seem to be opposites.

How can you be independent (you rely on no-one other than yourself) and yet be a partisan (you rely on a party to set your agenda)?

I think I have it figured out.

WR&P talked of friendship with Elizabeth May and the Green Party. Yet they did not join the party to run in the federal election.

Perhaps past experience plays a part.

Both felt they were unable to express their own disagreement with the Liberal Party of Canada. Or, perhaps more specifically, with the sitting Prime Minister who happens to be a Liberal.

What if they disagree with another party or party leader? Will they be dumped from the party? Will they have to toe the line?

What if they created a new party that placed independence before the party line?

Political science will have a hey-day with this one.

If there is a definition of chaos, the idea behind this party will be the one.

Politics is compromise. People (the “polis” in politics) are all individuals. Put them together and you have as many opinions as there are people – and perhaps more, depending on whether you agree with yourself!

Which brings me to the so called Queen of the Sciences – theology.

There is inherently a need for a single focus in politics – thus the aligning of various parties into agreed upon principles. And yet – somehow we in our democracy – we still have an idea that we are under God (the word “theos” in theology). Ideally God, the creator, has an idea of what is the standard approach for political action.

Independent, Liberal, Conservative, Green – they are all glimpses of God.

What if we killed off the label, and sought the God?

And now you know why the heat of debate on religion and politics is often so intense. The debate is worth the heat!

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Ron Baker
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