Photo Credit: Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press/CBC

Jeremy Patzer, M.P. for Cypress Hills—Grasslands issued the following statement regarding the Liberal Government’s Speech from the Throne:

“There were two things I was looking for in Justin Trudeau’s Speech from the Throne. The first was an acknowledgement of the real threat to our national unity, and a commitment to resolving this threat; and the second was an indication of support for our Canadian farmers and energy industry. Unsurprisingly, there was no mention of either of these pressing concerns facing my constituents—zilch. There’s absolutely no way I can vote in favour of a Liberal mandate that walks over the hard-working citizens of Cypress Hills—Grasslands and Saskatchewan at large.

“Effectively, his throne speech was no different from last year, which shows that Trudeau’s prorogation of parliament served no other purpose than to waste six weeks of parliamentary sitting so that he could hide from his WE charity ethics scandals. By shutting down Committee hearings for six weeks, he wasted six weeks of much needed time to address the real issues facing Canadians. As a result, we are behind most other countries in responding and rebounding from COVID-19.

“It is clear from the throne speech that Justin Trudeau has no plan to deal with a second wave of COVID-19 beyond shutting down our economy once again. We can’t accept an economic shut down as the only solution. I’ve heard from many small-business owners across the Southwest who said that shutting their doors again will mean shutting them permanently. This is unacceptable, and together with my Conservative colleagues, we will fight for a credible plan that will keep Canadians safe, while ensuring jobs are protected.

“Trudeau’s new mandate is just another appeal to far-left interest groups, and offers no real support for hard-working Canadians. Under the leadership of Erin O’Toole, Conservatives will hold the Trudeau government to account, and we will put forward a plan that keeps Canadians safe, protects ALL jobs—including our agriculture and energy industries—and gets our country back on track.”


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