Est DOB: May.8/20
Sex: Neutered Male
Adoption Fee: $50.00 (adoption fee will be waived if adopted out with another KAWS kitten!)
Foster Home Location: Coleville, SK
Intake Date: Jun.4/20

Introducing SkyeWalker This unique looking tabby is looking for his forever home. He is a sweet boy who likes plenty of petting and scratching but he would rather do it sitting beside you then on you. He is very polite and has good manners and a sweet disposition. SkyeWalker needs a fur companion that will cuddle and play with him. He does not do well as an only pet or with only older animals in the home.

SkyeWalker was returned to us due to stress induced behavior and we believe (after bringing him in to foster care and working with him) that with a Buddy to play with and the right home he will flourish.
If he has a friend, those behaviors do not happen.

He is a low needs cat not needing a lot of toys to play with, just a fur friend and a human he is content to wrestle and receive love.

Skyewalker MUST go with a kitten buddy OR you must have a kitten friend in the home for him to play with.

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