October 6-12 is Fire Prevention Week within the Town of Kindersley

This week is the perfect time to be proactive about fire safety in your home, take time this week to brush up on fire safety skills, check your smoke alarms and educate your children about a fire escape plan.

Fire is a serious public safety concern, since homes are the location where people are at greatest risk. On average there are about 24,000 house fires in Canada each year, resulting in 377 deaths and 3,048 injuries annually.

Kindersley Council is a proud supporter of the Kindersley Fire Department, which is one of the most highly trained departments in the province. Our local firefighters are dedicated to reducing the occurrence of fires within the home through prevention, protection and education.

This year the campaign for Fire Prevention Week is, “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!”. A typical home fire may only allow residents two minutes to escape to safety, since every moment counts it is important to plan your route and have an escape plan for everyone in the home.

This year anyone can be a hero and take simple safety steps to protect themselves and others around them.

You can start today with preparing a fire escape plan for your home!

For more information on Fire Safety be sure to visit Fire Prevention Week

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