55km Drive to Go Vote

One Kindersley area resident was scratching his head when his voter card arrived and said he would have to vote in the village of Marengo on Election Day. Ken Fleming, who lives 7 km north of Kindersley has previously voted in Kindersley for many years and was not expecting a voting location change.

According to the voter card he will be able to vote in Kindersley on the advance poll days starting this weekend.

Wondering why he had to vote so far away, Fleming phoned Elections Canada, apparently he was not the first to phone in with the same complaint.

According to Elections Canada, changes in polling stations happen when there are boundary re-alignments. These re-alignments happen every election. Elections Canada says it tries to set up polling stations as close as possible to voters. If you do find that you are driving too far to vote you can call your local Elections Canada office.

While it will be a longer drive, Fleming said he will be driving to Marengo to vote on Election Day, Oct. 21st.

Image Source: Google Maps Screenshot 

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