With the Curling club facing the final month of their season, some exciting events are keeping the rink and members busy before the ice is pulled on April 1.

The Chicken and Wine bonspiel will be hosted at the Kindersley Curling Club Rink this weekend and is open for mixed, women’s, and men’s and three-in-one teams of all ages.  Teams still have time to sign up for the bonspiel, the details are:

Dates: March 9 & 10
Cost: $100 a team

Sign up by calling Matt at 306-460-0344, calling 306 463-2522 and leaving a message, or message the Kindersley Curling Club Facebook Page.

Also exciting this weekend is that the KCS Senior Boys Curling team earned a spot in the provincial games. Last weekend the team was in Moose Jaw, lost their first game but then turned the tables and snatched the B side of the region championships. “This is the first time we have sent a team in over five years,” said club member Colleen Oscar-Swan. “So we are all very excited and wish the boys all the best this weekend.”

While the complete list of teams has not yet been released, the boys will likely meet 8-9 teams during the provincial weekend hosted in Spiritwood, including a couple from Saskatoon and other communities from the province. As the hosting ice, Spiritwood may also create an opposition team for the event.

Recently a Kindersley team, the Randy Graham team, competed in the Provincial Masters curling event for curlers 60+. The team had a great run at the event and only lost in the Semi-Finals of the event. Congratulations Team Graham!

The Club will wrap up the season with their annual Men’s Bonspiel on the weekend of the 23rd of March. More information on that event will be released soon, but any teams interested in signing up for the event should contact the club at the above-listed information.

Feature Image Source: Kindersley Curling Club Facebook Page, KCS Senior Boys Curling Team 

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