October 21st – 27th is Waste Reduction Week in the Town of Kindersley

This week is the perfect opportunity to start taking steps towards environmental sustainability!

Here are some simple ways you can reduce waste in your home:

1. Find out the rules of recycling. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by sorting rules. With a little research you will be on your way to recycling more of what you use.

2. Ditch plastic bags.¬†Reusable bags here we come. This is one of the simplest ways you can decrease the amount of waste you use. Bring your own cloth bags to the store, keep a bunch in the trunk of you car so you don’t forget.

3. Make a meal plan. Food wastage is a huge problem in Canadian households. One simple way to avoid this is to only buy groceries that you know you will eat.

4. Start composting. A large amount of what you throw in your garbage bin everyday could be composted. Composting can be as simple as an extra bin and a bit of space. Your excess food can feed your garden rather then filling up your trash can.

5. Learn to repair rather than discarding. It is easy to throw something away, but before you chuck it, ask yourself if you can learn to repair it. Even a few minutes spent to see if you can repair goes a long way in reducing your amount of garbage.

For more information on how to reduce waste be sure to visit Canadian Waste Reduction Week Website 

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