What better reason to celebrate than being part of a thriving library branch and it’s golden anniversary.

This weekend, the Kindersley Branch of Wheatland Regional Library will be celebrating 50 years of being part of the Wheatland Library, and the event promises fun for the entire family.  

Held the same weekend as the Kindersley Rodeo, the librarians of the Kindersley branch, including Marilyn Shea, thought a rodeo theme to the celebrations would be a fitting tribute.

On Saturday, May 26th, the celebration will kick off with a Kid’s Carnival for youngsters up to Grade 4, and with sun in the forecast, the carnival will be set up in the parking lot located right beside the library from 2 – 4:00 p.m.

When the kiddos are done bouncing, the whole family can walk down to the Norman Ritchie Centre and hear local writers Laura Hayes, and Jeanine Russell read and recite cowboy poetry. At the same time, the library will be serving pulled pork on a bun for $5 a ticket. A warning though, tickets will only be available before Friday, May 25, so be sure to get your tickets before next weekend!

Although Kindersley had an operating library for many years, it was a stand-alone library and lacked the vitality of being in a busy, growing branch.  So when it joined Wheatland Regional library in March of 1968, the library was bolstered into life. According to Don’t Cry Baby…We’ll Be Back, a fascinating read on the growth of the Wheatland library system, the Kindersley branch went from circulating roughly 4,000 materials in a year to a whopping 22,000 books and 100% increase in film distribution.

“Without being a part of the Wheatland Regional library system, we wouldn’t be able to provide the same amount and variety of resources people need for research, schooling, and entertainment,” said Shea in a recent interview.   

Indeed, 50 years after Kindersley first felt the impact of joining the branch, it continues to serve hundreds in the community as an avenue for escape to the world of Franklin the Turtle or the Land of Narnia; a treasure trove of resources for the hard-to-tackle school project, and  a haven of technical equipment when your computer is down. So come on out and celebrate the privilege we have in the Kindersley library!

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Mallorie Rast
Born and raised in the Kindersley area, Mallorie has a deep appreciation for rural living and the importance of a community spirit. Farm girl to the core, she is passionate about training and working with stock dogs and sheep on the family ranch. When she’s not working on the farm or writing for Kindersley Social, she loves diving into history and apologetics.