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Kindersley Town Hall Meeting First of Three in Area, Next Two Will Be Held in Kerrobert and Eston.

Local RCMP held a Town Hall Meeting last night at the Elk’s Hall in Kindersley. Around 30 members of the public showed up to hear information and give feedback about concerns, potential improvements and questions.

The goal behind town hall meetings is to inform the public and look for feedback about the concerns, improvements that could be made. Also to answer questions that the public may have and advise the community of some of the accomplishments that the RCMP have had.

Representing the Kindersley RCMP were S/Sgt. Ray Blais, S/Sgt. Pat Zunti, Cpl. Doering and Cpl. Durocher.

Here are some the statistics that were discussed: (January 1, 2018 – November 2018)

– 200 more tickets were written
– 15 more impaired operation of motor vehicle charges
– Drug issues: Less arrests compared to last year. RCMP acknowledged improvements are needed and work needs to be done.
– Property crimes: RCMP said improvements can be made but these particular crimes not out of control. Thefts are down while break and enters are up. Main focus moving forward will be on the break and enters.
– There have been more prisoners this year than the entirety of 2017, and there is two months to go before years end.

S/Sgt. Blais commented on other issues, including issues brought up by the audience. Some of the responses and explanations were as follows:

  • The local detachment is not up to full staff right now. There are more people in the area causing more people crimes and traffic crimes. Members are forced to be more reactive than proactive.
  • The issue of shift times is a known concern and the public can assist by speaking to their government representative about additional funding and resources required.
  • There are no longer any municipal contracts with communities, which means members from Kindersley, Kerrobert and Eston Detachments are available for calls.
  • Additional resources to the RCMP are the PRT unit, the Central Traffic Unit, Rural Crime Watch, COPP and and the SCAN (Safer Communities and Neighbors) program.
  • Not all thefts are being done by people who are living in the area. There were three cases in the last month where the people apprehended were from Saskatoon and Calgary and had no ties to the area.
  • The RCMP Facebook page is being utilized for things such as wanted people and has been a good resource.
  • Presence in the community is key. Calling 911 or the detachment to report crimes, even minor ones as they can lead to other crimes in the area. The staffing is based on call volume and severity of crime issues. If you aren’t sure about your call being serious enough to use 911, call 310-RCMP. This number puts you directly in touch with a person in the call center.
  • The strategy being used to deal with known drug houses will not be given away. Cpl. Doering spoke to members of the neighborhoods in attendance and advised what to look for and what can be done.
  • Files are created when a call is made to the detachment. Prior to files being closed the caller is to be updated. It might be immediate or the next day depending on the work load and priority of calls. If you are not getting the call back, contact the office and bring this issue to the attention of the supervisors.
  • Members are working on the concerns of the public: Property Crime, B & E’s, drugs and traffic calls. It is not always visible and when charges are laid the work is done to take it to the next level. Once it is in the courts hands, it is out of the police control.

The next Town Hall Meetings:

November 14th – Kerrobert, Prairie Community Centre, 7:00PM

November 15th – Eston, Mezzanine of the AGT Community Centre at 7:00PM

Feature Image Source: Katharina Rast/Kindersley Social 

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