Use a Samlex Solar Charging Kit to keep the batteries in your RV or utility vehicle charged and healthy. Add a DC-AC Power Inverter to your system and you can run all of your favorite household devices from anywhere!

The Samlex SRV-100-30A Solar Charging Kit Includes:

  • a high efficiency 100 Watt solar panel

  • a 30 Amp charge controller,

  • connecting wires

  • aluminum mounting brackets and hardware

Every Charging Kit includes an SCC-30AB Charge Controller featuring:

  • Micro-processor control

  • 30 Amp charging capacity

  • Battery equalization

  • Digital LCD display indicates voltage, current and battery AH

  • 8 charge settings for different battery types

  • Optional remote temperature sensor

  • 4 stage charging with LED indicators

  • Dual voltage capability 12V/24V

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