Last Saturday the Kindersley Wildlife Federation held its annual banquet and awards night.

The event recognized the hunting/fishing skills of the game hunters in the area as well as raised funds for the club’s operating costs for the upcoming year.

The club was pleased with the evening, and sold-out tickets gave an echo call of the popularity of the event. The raised funds will go towards the club’s facilities, such as the gun range and the trap club, as well as other programs the club organizes.

Currently, the club has its eye on the Motherwell Reservoir. They would like to see more perch added to the underwater life as well as building boat docks in strategic locations.

Please see the below list of Award Winners:

Mens Elk: 168 4/8 – Kallom Hadland

Mens Muzzleloader Non-typical Mule Deer: 195 2/8 – Jamie Dufault 

Mens Typical Mule Deer: 156 2/8 – Jason Desmarais

Junior Men’s Typical Whitetail Deer: 134 5/8 – Brody Istace

Northern Pike: 20 lbs 3 oz – Rylan Nutley

Canada Goose: 13 lbs – Jesse Smith

Junior Ladies Moose: 157 7/8 – Shaunesy Diemert

Mens Pronghorn Antelope: 76 2/8 – Darrin Johnson

Ladies Non-typical Mule Deer: 233 2/8 – Joylene Mann

Ladies Non-typical Whitetail Deer: 137 3/8 – Brooke Kachmarski

Mens Typical Whitetail Deer: 168 5/8 – Rick Fries

Mens Archery Non-typical Mule Deer: 180 3/8 – Matt Paslawski

Lake Trout: 21lbs 13oz – Dan Alexander

Mens Moose: 143 5/8 – Tom Ginther

Mens Archery Non-typical Mule Deer: 186 5/8 – Brad Ginther

Mens Muzzleloader Typical Mule Deer: 176 4/8 – Layne Wall

Mens Non-typical Whitetail Deer: 140 3/8 – Scott Patey

Junior Ladies Non-typical Mule Deer: 193 7/8 – Kaylee Allin

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Mallorie Rast
Born and raised in the Kindersley area, Mallorie has a deep appreciation for rural living and the importance of a community spirit. Farm girl to the core, she is passionate about training and working with stock dogs and sheep on the family ranch. When she’s not working on the farm or writing for Kindersley Social, she loves diving into history and apologetics.