By Jennifer Bews

Let’s talk about public policy, who it benefits and who it hurts.
Let’s talk about what it’s like living in a democracy with social responsibility.
Let’s talk about our own biases and how we can educate ourselves to remove those barriers during critical decision-making.
Let’s talk about the most vulnerable and how they are affected by the decisions made by the majority.
Let’s talk about the poor countries and how the pandemic has turned our progress of ending extreme poverty in the wrong direction.
Let’s talk about the 10 million children under five who die each year because they do not have access to basic medical care.
Let’s talk about the 1 billion people still without clean water.
Let’s talk about misinformation and its deadly effects.
Let’s talk about what science is telling us and the powerful and brilliant leaps in public health.
Let’s talk about our own intuitiveness and Mother Nature, where modern medicine and corporate capitalism fall short.
Let’s talk about post-truth politics and how we tend to base our decisions on emotion rather than rationale.
Let’s talk about what we stand for and not what we’re against.

But let’s do it with curiosity and empathy. Make no room for judgment, ridicule or condemnation. Make space for deeper understanding, education and evolution. We may find that we agree on far more things than we disagree on.

And in the words of Danielle Laporte, “when the world tells you to pick a side, choose love.”

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