Source: David Akin, Global News, October 15, 2019 

As the votes were counted in the riding of Victoria during the byelection on Nov. 26, 2012, things were looking grim for the NDP candidate Murray Rankin.

As poll after poll reported, the Green Party’s Donald Galloway was in the lead and it seemed as though Rankin was on his way to losing the seat that New Democrat Denise Savoie had held since 2006.

But then, right at the end of the night, the last few polls reported their numbers and the NDP crushed in each one of them.

Rankin would win, edging out the Green’s Galloway by 1,118 votes, a three per cent margin of victory, and go on to a Parliamentary career that will end with his retirement as an MP as of this 2019 general election.

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