A local church in the town of Kindersley is now able to offer aid and support for those struggling with addictions and/or harmful habits.

Reverend Scott Holloway and his wife, Meleah, from the Redemption Baptist Church recently gained their certification with RU Recovery, and are looking forward to providing services to those affected by addictions.

The sessions of the RU Recovery program will launch October 11 at 7:00 p.m. and will continue every Thursday at the Redemption Baptist Church which is located 419 5th Avenue West in Kindersley. Folks are welcome to sign up or drop in for the session.  The Holloways hope to council and offer aid not only to those with the addiction, but also those who provide support to the addicted.

RU Recovery is an addiction recovery program, from Rockford, Illinois, that offers residential help for those struggling with addictions. The program started with providing services to individuals, but it has since expanded into churches, prisons, and finally to online resources.

It was through this online resource that the Holloways discovered RU Recovery and decided to become certified service providers.  A recent blog post by the couple explained part of their motivation. “Whether we would like to admit it or not, addictions are a significant issue within our community, and as part of the community we…want to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem.”

The blog continues to explain that when the Holloways enrolled in the program, they quickly realized that the program deals with more than just addictions to say alcohol or drugs.  “As we became familiar with the program, we soon recognized we needed the RU Recovery Program as much as anybody else…With the RU Recovery Curriculum we found the healing we needed. Having been helped ourselves, and seeing the difference it has made in our church and family life, we would be remiss to keep it to ourselves.”

When I interviewed Holloway after their blogpost, he reiterated the fact.  “You don’t have to struggle with an addiction, or even just a harmful habit, to benefit from the RU Recovery Program. In many ways, the program teaches you how to live an abundant, fulfilling life, and to deal with the challenges of life in a healthy manner so that you are not overwhelmed and discouraged.

The doors of Redemption Baptist Church will be open to anyone in the community that is looking for help in overcoming a stubborn, destructive habit. Whatever your background, and whatever your struggle may be, you will be welcomed without judgment, and your confidentiality will be assured.”

For more information on this program, you can call or text Holloway at 306-460-4688.

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Mallorie Rast
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