David Anderson was MP for Cypress Hills Grasslands for Nearly 20 Years

Longtime member of Parliament David Anderson announced he will not be vying for a sixth term in office and will not be running the upcoming federal election this fall.

Anderson announced, “It has been an honour to serve the people of southwest Saskatchewan and I know I will miss doing so in the future. However, the time has come to step down and so I am announcing that I will not be a candidate in the upcoming election.”

“I want to thank the people of Cypress Hills-Grasslands for your incredible and unwavering support. You are the best people in the world and it has been a great privilege to represent you.”

The MP noted that he is looking forward to spending more time with his wife and family in the future.

Anderson also noted that he expects Andrew Scheer and his caucus will form the next government of Canada and he gives  them his support and best wishes.

It is not clear who will seek nomination in the riding, a party spokesman said the date for the nomination meeting has not been set.

Anderson says he will still have a passion for certain topics such as the current state of the agriculture and energy industry. When out of office he will still make his opinions and support known.

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