A new year and a new opportunity to see amazing things happening in your back yard.

January 20th brought the “Super Blood Wolf Moon”.  My daughter usually finds these events fascinating so I normally keep track of when these events occur and take her out when timing allows. This event started at 9:30 pm so still early enough she could see some of it.

Image submitted by Jenny Hagan

So what exactly is the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” The name derives from a variety of lunar events.  The first full moon in January is called the Wolf moon. This full moon happens to be a super moon because its position in relation to the earth makes the size and brightness appear greater. The blood moon refers to the lunar eclipse that happened as well which gives the moon a red colour. It gives night sky gazers quite a bit to see.

Image submitted by Jenny Hagan

One of the interesting things coming into 2019 is that the first 3 full moons will be super moons. February 19th will be the next and then again on March 21. These will appear the largest and brightest on rising.  You can have fun capturing these events on any camera including your phone. Some people will even shoot through binoculars, scopes or telescopes with their phones and it produces a pretty decent image. Whether your photographing these events or not it’s a great family outing under the beautiful night sky and a wonderful thing to see

Image 1(Eclipse start)- Camera gear Canon 80D with 150-600mm lens
Camera Settings  ISO 160 1/160 sec exposure f 6.3

Image 2(near totality)- Camera 80D with 150-600mm lens
Camera settings ISO1600 1/13 sec exposure f 6.3

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Feature Image: Jenny Hagan 

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