Source: Kindersley RCMP, May 14, 2019

Kindersley, Kerrobert and Eston RCMP Weekly calls for service

Calls for service for the week ending May 12th, 2019.

DISCLAIMER – No Information on any specific crime will be given to anybody that is not directly involved in the file.

SUI – Still Under Investigation

Criminal Code – 

  • ASSAULT x 4 – Kindersley – one male charged with assault after receiving a call of a dispute between a male and a female; RM of Mariposa – call of a dispute between a father and son. Police attended and no charges laid at this time; Eston – call received from a female stating her spouse was being violent. Police attended. Male was charged with assault, uttering threats x 2, assault police officer and obstruction; RM of Snipe Lake – report of a male assaulting another male as he tried to remove him from his vehicle. One male charged with assault.
  • CRIMINAL HARASSMENT – Kindersley – report of female employee being harassed by customer at a commercial dwelling unit, SUI.
  • FAIL TO COMPLY WITH PROBATION ORDER – RM of Winslow – male failed to come to door for curfew check. No charge laid at this time.
  • FAIL TO COMPLY WITH CONDITION OF UNDERTAKING x 3 – Kindersley – one male charged after report of breaching conditions; RM of Kindersley – one female charged after not presenting herself at door for curfew check; RM of Kindersley – one male charged after not presenting herself at door for curfew check.
  • MISCHIEF x 3 – RM of Prairiedale – report of rural residence having all the windows smashed, SUI; Kindersley – report of car begin vandalised by damaging the grill, SUI; Kindersley – report of vacant home being entered and rummaged through, no charges laid at this time;
  • REPORT OF IMPAIRED DRIVER – RM of Kindersley – call of an impaired truck driver on a well site. Because of time delay receiving the call, no charges laid at this time.
  • THEFT UNDER $5000 – RM of Milton – report of welder stolen. Investigation revealed the call to be unfounded.
  • THEFT OF OTHER MOTOR VEHICLE x 2 – RM of Kindersley – ATV reported stolen from a rural building, SUI; RM of Kindersley – report of truck stolen. Investigation revealed that no theft had taken place.

Provincial –

  • MENTAL HEALTH ACT – Kindersley – one female transported to hospital
  • SPEEDING x 16 – Kindersley, RM of Kindersley, Kerrobert, Glidden, RM of Progress – 14 tickets issued, 2 warnings issued
  • DRIVING VEHILE WITHOUT VALID PLATES x 3 – Kindersley, Kerrobert – 3 tickets issued
  • OTHER MOVING TRAFFIC x 2 – Kindersley, Dodsland – I call unfounded, 1 call SUI
  • OTHER NON-MOVING TRAFFIC x 2 – RM of Kindersley, Kerrobert – 2 tickets issued
  • REPORTS OF DRIVING OFFENCES – Plenty – no charges laid at this time;
  • SUSPICIOUS PERSON/VEHICLE x 3 – Kindersley, Kerrobert – nothing criminal in nature

Other – 

  • 911 ACT – Kindersley
  • CORONER’S ACT – Kerrobert
  • FALSE ALARM x 4 – Kindersley, RM of Heart’s Hill
  • FIRE PREVENTION ACT x 2 – RM of Snipe Lake, RM of Kindersley
  • MUNICIPAL BYLAWS x 3 – Kerrobert, Kindersley, Eston
  • TRAFFIC COLLISION x 3 – RM of Grandview, Kindersley
  • WELLFARE CHECK – Kindersley – call of family member not allowing parents access to their child. Investigation revealed the call to be unfounded

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