Source: Kindersley RCMP, December 3, 2018 

Kindersley, Kerrobert and Eston RCMP Weekly calls for service

Calls for service for the week ending December 3rd, 2018:

DISCLAIMER – No Information on any specific crime will be given to anybody that is not directly involved in the file.

SUI – Still Under Investigation

Criminal Code – 

  • ASSAULT x 3 – RM of Grandview – call of female being assaulted when she went to a house to get her belongings, SUI; Kerrobert – as a result of a welfare check call, a male and a female were both arrested for assaulting each other, SUI; Kindersley – call from a female saying her boyfriend was being physical with her. One male arrested and charged with assault and failing to comply with a condition of undertaking
  • ASSAULT WITH WEAPON x 2 – Kindersley – call from a female stating her spouse was being physical with her. One male arrested and remanded for court in Kindersley. The male was charged with Obstruction x 2, Utter Threats, Assault with Weapon, Assault Police Officer x 4, Mischief x 4. The male was brought before a judge and was released on an undertaking; Kindersley – call of assault in progress. One male arrested, charges pending.
  • BREAK AND ENTER x 2 – Kindersley – compound of business broken into. Copper wire reported as stolen; RM of Oakdale – rural building entered and batteries from sleds and tractor reported as stolen
  • DISTURBING THE PEACE x 3 – Kindersley – call of a male being verbally aggressive and acting agitated. Officers attended, male was calm and complainant did not wish to have him charged; Kindersley – call of the same male kicking and punching walls, charges pending; Kindersley – complaint of neighbour not turning down loud music after being asked to do so. Members attended, music turned down. No charges laid at this time.
  • FAIL TO COMPLY WITH CONDITION OF UNDERTAKING – Kindersley – call of male being at a place that he is court ordered not to attend. Investigation revealed male was not at the place, no charges laid.
  • FAIL TO PROVIDE BREATH SAMPLE – Kindersley – one male arrested and charged as a result of failing to provide breath sample
  • FRAUD – Kindersley – report of possible fraud attempt on a family member, SUI
  • REPORT OF IMPAIRED DRIVER x 3 – Kindersley – call of male leaving a local business, believed to be intoxicated. Patrols made, vehicle not located; Kindersley – call of male leaving a business, intoxicated. Patrols made, vehicle not located; Eston – call of male swerving and almost hitting a parked vehicle. Male was located at his residence. No charges laid at this time.
  • IMPAIRED OPERATION OF MOTOR VEHICLE – RM of Kindersley – as a result of a traffic stop, one male charged with Impaired Operation of MV
  • THEFT UNDER $5000 x 6 – Kindersley – call of vehicle not paying for fuel, SUI; Eston – report of items taken from a work site, SUI; Kindersley – report of license plate taken off parked vehicle, SUI; Kindersley – report of vehicle leaving a carwash without paying, SUI; Eston – complaint of a person not returning tools to another person, SUI; Kindersley – call of estranged spouse taking mail form complainant’s mail box, SUI;
  • UTTER THREATS x 3 – Kindersley – call from female reporting her ex-spouse was uttering threats to her, SUI; Call of landlord uttering threats regarding rent owed, SUI; RM of Prairiedale – call of male uttering threats to another male, SUI

Provincial –

  • DRIVING WHILE DISQUALIFIED – Eston – 1 ticket issued
  • LIQUOR ACT – RM of Kindersley – 1 ticket issued
  • MENTAL HEALTH ACT – call of possible suicidal male. Male located and transported to hospital.
  • MOTOR VEHICLE INSURANCE – RM of Kindersley – 1 ticket issued
  • SPEEDING x 9 – RM of Newcombe, RM of Kindersley, RM of Oakdale – 8 tickets issued, 1 warning issued
  • REPORTS OF ERRATIC DRIVING x 15 – Kindersley, RM of Kindersley, RM of Oakdale
  • OTHER MOVING TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS – RM of Kindersley – 1 ticket issued
  • OTHER NON-MOVING TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS x 6 – Kindersley, RM of Kindersley – 2 tickets issued, 3 warnings issued, 1 SUI
  • SUSPICIOUS PERSON/VEHICLE x 2 – RM of Newcombe – call of vehicle on side of the road flagging people to ask for gas. Police attended. Vehicle not located; RM of Kindersley – call of male acting strangely. Male located, no offence had taken place.
  • CALL OF UNSAFE DRIVING – RM of Kindersley – call of vehicle passing other vehicles in the fog

Other – 

  • 911 ACT – Kindersley
  • ANIMAL CALLS – Kindersley
  • FALSE ALARM x 4 – RM of Grandview; Kerrobert, Kindersley
  • ITEMS LOST/FOUND – Kindersley – hunting knife found in bushes
  • MUNICIPAL BYLAWS x 2 – Kindersley
  • TRAFFIC COLLISION x 3 – Kindersley, RM of Kindersley

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