Source: Kindersley RCMP, October 9, 2018 

Kindersley, Kerrobert and Eston RCMP Weekly calls for service

Calls for service for the week ending October 7th, 2018:

DISCLAIMER – No Information on any specific crime will be given to anybody that is not directly involved in the file.

SUI – Still Under Investigation

Criminal Code – 

  • ASSAULT x 3 – Kindersley – female reported being assaulted by a male. Male located and charged with Assault, Uttering Threats and Fail to Comply with Undertaking; Kindersley – male reported being assaulted while he was walking down the street, SUI; Eston – call of male assaulting female, SUI.
  • ASSAULT WITH WEAPON – Kindersley – report of female striking a male with an object, SUI
  • BREAK AND ENTER x 7 – Kerrobert, Dodsland, Plenty – 3 people arrested and charged with Break & Enter with Intent, Theft of Truck, Mischief, Possession of Stolen Property, Theft under $5000; Kindersley – back yard shed broken into, SUI; Kindersley – report of break, enter and theft at a church, SUI; RM of Progress – farm buildings entered, SUI; Kerrobert – residence entered during the night while homeowner was asleep, SUI; Kindersley – call of male attempting to break in though a patio door, SUI;
  • DISTURBING THE PEACE x 3 – Kindersley – call of male causing disturbance after being fired. No charges laid at this time; Kindersley – call of male causing a disturbance at a local business. Male was trying to find a place to stay warm. Taken to a hotel and provided a room for the night through the Transient Aid program. Investigation revealed the call to be unfounded; Kindersley – call of a male refusing to leave hotel after check-out hours. No charges laid at this time.
  • DRIVING WHILE DISQUALIFIED – male located at a traffic stop that was prohibited from driving, Canada Wide. Male was arrested and lodged in cells to appear in court the next morning. Charges were Drive While Disqualified, and 2 charges of Fail to Comply with a Probation Order.
  • FAIL TO COMPLY WITH PROBATION ORDER – Kindersley – charges laid and arrest warrant issued for a male that failed to report to the probation order, SUI;
  • FRAUD x 3 – Kerrobert – cheque fraud, SUI; Kindersley – male received call asking for money in order to receive cash prize he won. No charges laid at this time. Kerrobert – suspect advertising a house for rent and taking deposit from renter, while house is not owned by suspect, SUI.
  • REPORT OF IMPAIRED DRIVER – Kindersley – vehicle not located.
  • MISCHIEF x 6 – Eston Riverside Park – call of a vehicle driving on the golf course, SUI; Cactus Lake – report of rear window broken out of vehicle while parked overnight; Kindersley – call of female inside a business acting strange. Police attended and female left the business without causing further problems; Kindersley – call of male taking items from container and throwing the container over a back fence, SUI; Kindersley – male at local hotel after being told to leave the previous day. Police located male, who had already left the hotel. No charges laid at this time; Kindersley – call of male hitting patio of local business with vehicle. Male located and arrested, SUI
  • OBTAIN FOOD/LODGING FRAUDULENTLY – Kindersley – male removed from restaurant the previous night attended restaurant and was causing trouble. Male arrested and charged with Obtain Food/Lodging by Fraud, Disturbing the Peace, Fail to comply with Undertaking x 2. Lodged in cells to be released when sober.
    POSSESSION OF WEAPON FOR DANGEROUS PURPOSE – call of male in local business causing disturbance, carrying a weapon. Male arrested and charged with Possession of Weapon for Dangerous Purpose and Disturbing the Peace.
  • THEFT UNDER $5000 x 7 – Kindersley – call of male trying to load a bicycle, no charges laid at this time; Eatonia – female caught stealing a bag of chips. Complainant just wanted female spoken to, not charged; Kerrobert – Generator stolen from yard. Recovered from 3 people arrested in the Break and Enters; Kerrobert – flat deck trailer stolen. Recovered from 3 people arrested in the Break and Enters; Kindersley – call of trailers being entered, unknown what was taken at this time, SUI; Kindersley – report of cable stolen from yard after fence being cut, SUI; Kindersley – call of male riding a bike, and towing another bike behind, SUI.
  • THEFT of BICYCLE – Kindersley – as members were arresting male wanted on outstanding warrants, another male approached members looking for the bike that the arrested person took. Bike located and male charged with Theft of Bike.
  • THEFT OF TRUCK – Plenty – Truck stolen and recovered with the 3 people arrested in the Break and Enters.
  • THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE – Kerrobert – License plate stolen off truck while parked at a hotel, SUI;


Provincial –

  • CHILD WELFARE ACT – Kerrobert, SUI.
  • DRIVE WITHOUT DUE CARE & ATTENTION – Kindersley – 1 ticket issued
  • FAIL TO STOP OR REMAIN AT ACCIDENT x 2 – Kindersley – report of vehicle hit while parked in a hotel parking lot, SUI; Kindersley – vehicle hit while parked on the street, SUI
  • MENTAL HEALTH ACT x 2 – Kindersley – male taken to hospital voluntarily; Kindersley – same male at a local business and taken to hospital, voluntarily.
  • REPORTS OF ERRATIC DRIVERS x 7 – Kindersley, RM of Kindersley, RM of Milton – no charges laid at this time; Kindersley – male located and charged with drive while suspended.
  • DRIVE VEHICLE WITHOUT VALID INSURANCE – Kindersley – 1 ticket issued
  • INTERSECTION OFFENCES x 2 – Kindersley, RM of Kindersley – 2 warning tickets issued
  • SPEEDING x 11 – Kindersley, Flaxcombe, RM of Kindersley – 9 tickets issued, 2 warning tickets issued
  • OTHER NON-MOVING TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS x 6 – Kindersley – 5 tickets issued, 1 warning issued
  • OTHER PROVINCIAL STATUTES – Eston – report of youth on highway, possibly running away, SUI
  • REPORT OF MISSING PERSON – call of person possibly missing, as no contact has been made with the complainant lately. Person was located in Quebec.
  • SUSPICIOUS PERSON/VEHICLE x 6 – Major, Kindersley, RM of Oakdale – 1 male located and arrested on outstanding warrants; all other calls were not criminal in nature.
  • TRESPASS ACT x 4 – Kindersley – male sleeping in stairwell of local hotel. Police attended and removed male; Kindersley – report of female wanting into home that is no longer owned by her. No charges laid at this time; Kindersley – report of elderly lady that keeps going into neighbor’s house, SUI; Kindersley – report of male sleeping on couch at hotel lobby. Police attended and male left.


Other – 

  • 911 ACT x 3 – Kerrobert, Kindersley, RM of Kindersley
  • ASSIST OTHER POLICE AGENCY x 2 – Kerrobert, Kindersley
  • FALSE ALARM x 5 – Kelfield, Eston, Kindersley
  • FIRE PREVENTION ACT – RM of Kindersley
  • ITEMS LOST/FOUND x 2 – Kindersley – Personal identification lost while staying at local hotel; Plenty – license plate fell off of vehicle and not located.
  • MUNICPIAL BYLAW – Kindersley
  • TRAFFIC COLLISION – Property Damage x 4 – RM of Progress, Kindersley, RM of Grandview
  • WELLBEING CHECK x 3 – Kindersley, Kerrobert, RM of Antelope Park

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