Source: Kindersley RCMP, November 5, 2018 

Kindersley, Kerrobert and Eston RCMP Weekly calls for service

Calls for service for the week ending November 4th, 2018:

DISCLAIMER – No Information on any specific crime will be given to anybody that is not directly involved in the file.

SUI – Still Under Investigation

Criminal Code – 

  • ASSAULT – Kindersley – Call of a family dispute, SUI
  • BREAK AND ENTER x 6 – Kindersley – report of 2 people breaking into a building. Had items piled together to possibly steal, but were scared off, SUI; Dodsland – 3 businesses broken into and items stolen, SUI; Kindersley – business in the industrial park broken into – SUI; Kindersley – residence broken into – female located, arrested and remanded to Saskatoon, SUI.
  • CRIMINAL HARASSMENT – call of a male harassing a female via social media, SUI.
  • DISTURBING THE PEACE x 2 – call of intoxicated female outside a business, yelling and swearing. No charges laid at this time; Kindersley – call of a male yelling and trying to enter a residence, SUI.
  • FAIL TO COMPLY WITH UNDERTAKING x 4 – Kindersley – call of male attending business that he is banned from, SUI; RM of Kindersley – 2 calls of male drinking while on conditions not to, SUI; Kindersley – female charged after failing to be home during curfew check.
  • FRAUD – fraud reported involving ITune cards, SUI
  • IMPAIRED OPERATION OF MOTOR VEHICLE – Kindersley – members observed a vehicle run 2 red lights, and then come at police vehicle on wrong side of the road – 1 female arrested and taken to Detachment for tests. As a result, charges if Impaired Operation were laid.
  • REPORT OF IMPAIRED OPERATION – RM of Oakdale – report of vehicle crossing over both lanes and almost hitting ditch, SUI.
  • MISCHIEF x 6 – Kindersley – call of a business building having paint splashed on it, SUI; Kindersley – call of intoxicated person in a private yard, no charges laid at this time; Eston – camper trailer entered, evidence of someone being inside. Complainant just wanted to report for information purposes; Kindersley – call of someone on the roof of as business, SUI; Kindersley – call of female refusing to leave a restaurant with her dog. Female arrested and remanded to Saskatoon; Kindersley – call of intoxicated female at a residence and police help needed. Members attended and caller wouldn’t let members in to the house. No charges laid at this time.
  • OBTAIN FOOD/LODGING FRAUDULENTLY – Kindersley – call of male leaving restaurant without paying, SUI
  • THEFT OF BICYCLE – Kerrobert – bicycle left at school and was not there when complainant went back to get it, SUI
  • UTTER THREATS – RM of Milton – threats issued to a male after a confrontation over property. Complainant declined to lay charges.


Provincial –

  • LIQUOR ACT – Kindersley – no charges laid at this time
  • MENTAL HEALTH ACT – Kerrobert
  • INTERSECTION OFFENCES – Kindersley – 1 warning issued
  • SPEEDING x 4 – RM of Oakdale, RM of Kindesley – 1 warning issued, 2 tickets issued, 1 call SUI
  • OTHER MOVING TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS x 3 – Kindersley, Rm of Kindersley, RM of Oakdale – 2 warnings issued, 1
    ticket issued
  • REPORTS OF ERRATIC DRIVING x 6 – 1 unfounded, 2 cleared by complainant not wanting charges, 3 unsolved
  • OTHER NON-MOVING TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS x 3 – RM of Oakdale, Kindersley – 1 ticket issued, 1 unsolved and 1 SUI
  • PERSON REPORTED MISSING – Kindersley – unfounded
  • SUSPICIOUS PERSON/VEHICLE x 5 – Coleville – abandoned vehicle, SUI; Flaxcombe – call of a male wandering around carrying a suitcase, SUI; Kindersley – males riding bike in an alley during early morning hours, SUI; RM of Kindersley – call of a male that is wanted for warrants, walking down the highway – unfounded; RM of Kindersley – call of unknown vehicle parked in a driveway. Members attended and vehicle was gone. Kindersley – call of female distracting traffic. Female located, nothing criminal in nature.


Other – 

  • 911 Act x 4 – Eston, Smiley, Kindersley
  • ASSIST OTHER POLICE AGENCY/PUBLIC x 3 – Kerrobert, Kindersley, RM of Grandview
  • CORONER’S ACT – Eston
  • FALSE ALARM – x 2 – Kindersley, RM of Mariposa
  • FIRE PREVENTION ACT – RM of Prairiedale
  • ITEMS LOST/FOUND – Kindersley
  • TRAFFIC COLLISION x 5 – RM of Kindersley, Kindersley, RM of Oakdale
  • TRAFFIC COLLISION – Injury – RM of Kindersley
  • WELLBEING CHECK x 2 – Kindersley

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