Source: Kindersley RCMP, July 9, 2018 

Kindersley, Kerrobert and Eston RCMP Weekly calls for service

Calls for service for the week ending July 1st, 2018:

DISCLAIMER – No Information on any specific crime will be given to anybody that is not directly involved in the file.

SUI – Still Under Investigation

Criminal Code – 

  • ASSAULT x 2 – Coleville – one male charged; Dodsland – one male charged
  • BREAK & ENTER – Kindersley – outdoor freezer broken into – SUI
  • DISTURBING THE PEACE x 4 – Kerrobert – call that people were harassing a server at an establishment. Subjects left peacefully when police arrived; Kindersley – 2 people refusing to get out of another person’s vehicle. While on the line with police, the 2 people exited the vehicle; Kindersley – camper being moved by someone while owner was inside. Matter was resolved with police assistance; Kindersley – call of loud music coming from an apartment. When police attended, there was not music being played.
  • IMPAIRED OPERATION OF MOTOR VEHICLE – Eatonia – call of a possible impaired driver. Vehicle/driver located. One male charged.
  • REPORT IMPAIRED DRIVER – (RID) x 3 – RM of Progress – call of possible impaired driver heading towards Luseland. No charges laid at this time; RM of Milton – call from neighboring detachment of possible impaired driver heading towards Kindersley. Vehicle not located; RM of Kindersley – call of semi hauling grain trailer swerving on the road, no charges laid at this time.
  • MISCHIEF x 3 – Kindersley – possible entrance to empty home – SUI; Kerrobert – back window smashed in a vehicle – SUI; Kindersley – call of people possibly trying to gain access to the 2nd floor of a building. Police attended, no signs of anybody being there.
  • THEFT UNDER $5000 x 2 – Kindersley – bags of recycling stolen from a back yard – SUI; person left a hotel and didn’t pay for room – SUI
  • TRESPASS ACT – RM of Oakdale – SUI
  • UTTER THREATS – Kindersley – SUI


Provincial –

  • DRIVING WITHOUT DUE CARE & ATTENTION x 2 – RM of Kindersley – call received about a semi unit that nearly hit the complainant when he was turning onto the highway. Patrols made, but semi was not located. RM of Kindersley – one ticket issued.
  • FAIL TO STOP OR REMAIN AT ACCIDENT SCENE x 3 – Kindersley – vehicle hit while parked in Walmart parking lot; Kindersley – vehicle hit while parked on Princess Street; vehicle hit while parked on 1st Avenue West.
  • LIQUOR ACT x 3 – Kindersley – intoxicated male on streets taken into custody and held until sober; Major – 2 calls of loud parties with alcohol involved – SUI.
  • MENTAL HEALTH ACT APPREHENSIONS x 3 – Kindersley, Major, Dodsland
  • DRIVE UNREGISTERED VEHICLE x 2 – RM of Kindersley – 2 tickets issued
  • INTERSECTION RELATED OFFENCES – Kindersley – 1 ticket issued
  • SPEEDING x 35 – RM of KINDERSLEY, RM of OAKDALE, RM of MILTON, RM of SNIPE LAKE, Kindersley– 21 tickets issued, 14 warnings issued.
  • OTHER MOVING TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS x 4 – RM of Kindersley, RM of Oakdale – 2 calls of erratic drivers. Vehicles not located; call of erratic driver by a person not wanting any charges laid; 1 warning issued.
  • OTHER NON-MOVING TRAFFIC – RM of Oakdale, Kindersley – one warning issued, 1 ticket issued for tinted front windows on vehicle.
  • SUSPICIOUS PERSON/VEHICLE x 2 – RM of Kindersley, Kindersley – both vehicles located and nothing criminal in nature
  • TRAFFIC COLLISION – Injury – RM of Kindersley


Other – 

  • 911 Act x 5
  • ABANDONED VEHICLES – Kindersley – owner was located and vehicle was moved
  • ANIMAL CALLS x 2 – Kerrobert – horses on highway by rodeo grounds; RM of Kindersley – injured antelope, SERM dispatched
  • ASSISTANCE TO GENERAL PUBLIC x 2 – RM of Grandview, Kindersley
  • FALSE ALARM x 5 – Kindersley, Coleville, Kerrobert, RM of Newcombe
  • FAMILY RELATIONS ACT x 2 – Dodsland
  • MUNICIPAL BYLAWS – OTHER x 4 – Kindersley, Flaxcombe, Major – Kindersley – stray dog, owner located; Flaxcombe – noise complaint – members attended and no noise was heard; Major – loud party with big fire – members attended to find a small bonfire and no noise; Kindersley – noise complaint – SUI.
  • WELLBEING CHECK – Kindersley

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