After years of riding and skill-perfecting, several riders in the Kindersley area achieved provincial-level championships with the Saskatchewan Horse Federation (SHF), and were fully recognized at the 2017 Heritage Circuit Reception in Saskatoon on February 19.

Five of the riders to earn recognition that night were Helmut Lowenberger, his wife Dianne Lowenberger, and three of Helmet Lowenberger’s students, Kaylea Resch, Rachel Krogstad and Syphonna Leipert.

Helmet Lowenberger took the Senior Basic Western Dressage Championship with his young horse, Fancy.  Despite this being Fancy’s first show season, Lowenberger was impressed and pleased with the results they were able to get during the 2017 season.

Helmet Lowenberger said his young horse, Fancy, impressed him during her first showing year – Submitted by Helmet Lowenberger

Dianne Lowenberger, together with her horse PW Maximum Pride, called “Sweetheart” most days, topped the Senior Level 1 in both Western and English dressage, ultimately taking those championships.

Dianne Lowenberger on “Sweetheart” – Submitted by Helmet Lowenberger

Resch took the title Junior Champion in the English riding classes on her horse Priority Principle; Krogstad took Junior Champion in Basic Level Western on her horse Vegas, and Training Level English Dressage on her other horse Epona; and Leipert took Junior Reserve Champion in Western Dressage and Reining. She was also the Champion of the whole Western Performance division on one of Lowenberger’s horses, SG Chic O’ Dude.

Rachel Krogstad on Epona took Junior Champion in Training Level English Dressage – Submitted by Helmet Lowenberger

Lowenberger spoke warmly of his students, “These girls have been a pleasure to teach.” Lowenberger went on to say how he watched each girl grow and learn in her horsemanship as well as personal development during their twice-weekly lessons and drills. Although the girls often competed against each other, they had showed their good sportsmanship by being each other’s fan club.

The Lowenbergers have been avid horse-lovers their whole lives and involved themselves in 4-H when they moved to the Kindersley area in 1972. Four years later, the couple moved out to their current location near the former community of Pinkham 19 km Southwest of Kindersley and built their home, a heated indoor arena, and horse paddocks to continue in their passion.

(l) Syphonna Leipert took Junior Reserve Champion in Western Dressage and Reining as well as Junior Champion of the Western Performance division – (r) Kaylea Resch took Junior Champion in the English riding classes – Photos submitted by Helmet Lowenberger

“We both loved horses so much that when we got married we purchased horses instead of furniture!” Dianne Lowenberger laughed as she said it, and to all appearances only positive experiences and invaluable horse, knowledge remained from that early decision.

Soon, young riders started to approach the Lowenbergers for riding lessons. Now, over 30 years later, the Lowenbergers have 3rd generation students coming to their farm for instruction in the art of riding horses. The indoor heated arena allows students to have their lessons throughout the year, and in any weather.

The Lowenbergers said their passion for horses and enthusiasm to see others excel in horsemanship has been a driving force throughout the years, and will continue to be a consuming obsession in the next.

Feature Image Source: Submitted by Helmet Lowenberger

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