The upcoming provincial election is scheduled for Oct. 26, 2020.

Michael Boda, born and raised in Saskatchewan, is the Chief Electoral Officer for the province of Saskatchewan. His office, Elections Saskatchewan, is described as “an independent office of the Legislative Assembly, created to plan, organize, deliver and regulate electoral events of the people of Saskatchewan”.

Elections Saskatchewan is looking for a Returning Officer for the Constituency of Kindersley for the 2020 election. I spoke with Michael Boda on April 25, 2019.

Boda mentioned that, “the role is a great fit for those who want to be involved in their community, don’t want to commit to full-time work at present, but would be willing to take on a more intense role during the weeks leading to the coming provincial election scheduled for October 2020. This really is an exciting opportunity to shape your community in a non-partisan role.”

The Returning Officer is a casual term position, with minimal work commitment over 2019. In the nine months leading up to the October 2020 election there will be training events and specific projects to complete. This role ramps up to a full-time, 3-month work-term in summer/fall 2020.

Boda recognized that, as a leader, the Returning Officer inspires and gives direction. Elections Saskatchewan realizes that this requires well informed employees. Guidance is provided from the provincial office – rules and regulations are outlined, training is given, and access to officials is provided.

Prior to the final calendar year before an election, the Returning Officer is retained on an allowance of $911.00 per year. In the calendar year running up to the election, the Returning Officer becomes intensely involved. The allowance increases to $5,732.00 for that year. with an additional allowance of $1,911.00 after polling day up to the return of the writ. Of course, related expenses are also covered, along with reimbursement for services of attending to a recount, if that is deemed necessary.

If you are still reading . . . you may be a senior – or perhaps a “soccer mom” – or a responsible, full-time, somewhat risk-prone, working adult able to arrange for a short term sabbatical, who has amazing time management skills!

These are some of the tasks you will oversee: hiring workers, organizing the returning office, finding poll locations, dealing with issues, overseeing the handing out and counting of ballots. As you may have guessed, you will need a basic understanding of computer systems.

How soon is a Returning Officer needed?

Now is soon enough. You can check out the profile of a returning officer, along with other helpful information, at returningofficer.

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Feature Image Source: Elections Saskatchewan 

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