Kindersley’s own Derek Dorsett received the devastating news just a few days ago; a neck injury has made future hockey games too great a risk. The Vancouver Canucks released a statement earlier this morning, noting that Dorsett will not be returning to the bench for “health reasons and risks associated with playing.”  

“I’m devastated by the news,” says Dorsett, “It will take a long time to sink in.”

The 30-year-old forward had cervical disc herniation surgery last December, leaving both of his arms numb for a period of time. Dr. Robert Watkins from the Los Angeles Marina Del Ray Hospital was the head surgeon for the operation, and he eventually cleared Dorsett to return to the Canucks active roster bench for the 2017-2018 season.

Dorsett came back with a powerful punch, scoring 7 goals in 20 games; however his comeback was short-lived as November 21 found Dorsett complaining of a stiff neck and back. Dr. Watkins re-examined Dorsett and found that he sustained another cervical disc herniation next to his previous injury.

This new complication combined with his old injury prompted Dr. Watkins to advice Dorsett to give up his hockey career. Dorsett says that while the news was hard to take, he has a young family and a long life of opportunities so he took Dr. Watkins’ advice.

It is not clear where this new injury came from, although a tough fight on November 14 with L.A. Kings Andy Andreoff may be a clue as Dorsett suffered several blows to his head during the fight.

Dorsett has no regrets as he looks back on his career. The six-foot, 190 lb player was a favourite among fans, as his hard-hitting playing style belied his modest proportions. Throughout his hockey career, Dorsett has seen 515 NHL games in which he scored 51 goals and earned 1,314 penalty minutes.

“What I can say for certain right now is that I left it all out on the ice. I gave my heart and soul to the team I played for…I am proud of the way I played…most of all I am truly honoured and grateful to have lived the NHL dream.”

Image Source: Darryl Dyck/THE CANADIAN PRESS

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