As the shovels go in for the new WCA building, our anticipation goes up!  

We have been looking forward to the construction of the new facility for over a decade, and now it’s a reality. It brings us hope of expanding the potential for persons experiencing disability to live, work and learn in an inclusive community. Having this place within the community, which is accessible and safe for individuals to increase and achieve their independence, will allow us to deliver the programs and services that help people in need achieve a better quality of life. This new facility will provide opportunities and remove some of the barriers people with disabilities and their families face today.  

The anticipation builds for when we can host activities and functions, and welcome others to share, in, connect and participate. The opportunity to experience community through a person-centred perspective: “A Community happens as a result of individuals having shared meaning and experiences that connect people together. The people feel safe to make choices, to accept and transcend their differences. Belonging is fostered through shared ideas, visions, experiences, opportunities, contributions, etc.” 

Our mission is “Empowering individuals to make choices, experience fulfilment, and to enjoy full citizenship.” 

The focus of the design consists of a physiotherapy and medical room, dedicated sensory therapy space, classrooms, personal care room, offices and meeting space, kitchen and dining area used as multi purpose areas, the green space outside will have a covered porch, open decking, and lawns.  

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