By Mallorie Rast

Last week both the West Central Events Centre and the Kindersley Aquatic Centre had new signage installed for a whole new look.

Installed in two days by Kindersley Signs and contractor Murlin Electronics, the new signs mark the WCEC crowd entrance and two WCEC area entrances in addition to naming the centre. The Kindersley Aquatic Centre now boasts snappy signage on the centre side facing the KAC parking lot.

“Kindersley Signs and Murin Electronics are proud to be the installers of the West Central Events Centre and Aquatic Centre New signage,” said Jeff Soveran. This isn’t the first time Kindersley Signs has installed signage for Kindersley based businesses, as their product is also on the new Fire Hall, Volds Collision, and Hollands Hot Oiling, among others.

Kindersley Signs uses UV stable, non-petroleum, and completely recyclable plastic lettering. With a variety of standard letter styles, Kindersley Signs customizes their signs to match the customer’s needs. “Our signs are guaranteed for life,” says Soveran. “Should they fade, break or contain any defect, we will replace or refinish your product.”

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