The number of missing cats in the Rosedale area continues to grow.

With the warmer weather, more owners are allowing their indoor pets outside for some fresh air and sunshine, however, this has caused the amount of calls about missing cats to spike.

“There has been a huge number of cats go missing in our town, especially in the Rosedale area. Please remember that it is in the Kindersley town bylaw to keep you cats indoors, in a catio or on leash if outdoors,” says Jaisee Miller, President of KAWS. “Also know that it is also Kindersley’s bylaw that anyone can own a trap in town, it must be registered with the town.”

Reminders regarding the Animal Bylaw 03-18:

  • Animals six months or older must be licensed online or at the Administration Office.
  • You will receive a tag for their collar and receipt of this transaction. (Sec. 6) Prices can be found on our Animal Control web page.
  • There must NOT be more than FIVE animals in one single home or dwelling.
  • Cats and dogs in public must be on a leash at a length no more than 1.8 metres unless they are in a designated off-leash area such as the Senses Unleashed Dog Park (Dogs Only). (Sec. 11)
  • At NO time are cats and dogs allowed to be running at large (meaning they must be in control of owner at all times). (Sec. 11)
  • The use of traps is at the resident’s own risk. If an animal is trapped the resident MUST call the Bylaw Enforcement Officer to arrange for pick up of the animal. Traps must be live capture traps. They must be checked every 4 hours in 6 to 30 degree weather, every 2 hours in -9 to -5 weather, and must not be used if temperature is above 30 or below -10. (Sec. 18)
  • Pick-up and trapping can be arranged with Bylaw Enforcement Officer.
  • If you suspect the misuse of animal traps or that an animal(s) is being mistreated, please do them a favour and contact the Bylaw Enforcement Officer (306) 463 2675 (you can even call anonymously!).
  • Violations and fines WILL be issued upon infraction.

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