Operation Impact 2019: Your Actions Have Impact

This weekend a national awareness campaign, Operation Impact 2019, will launch in an effort to make roads in Canada the safest in the world. The public awareness campaign aims to promote safe driving habits, thereby helping to prevent collisions, reduce injuries and save lives on our roads.

The theme of this year’s campaign is, “Your actions have impact”. This weekend the focus will be on behaviours that put drivers, passengers and other road users at risk. Such as impaired driving due to drugs, fatigue or alcohol. Or distracted driving, lack of seat belt use and aggressive driving.

This year’s theme addresses the role each of us has to play in order to support traffic safety on our streets and highways in our communities. Your choices have impact, don’t let your impact be a collision.

According to statistics, collisions of motor vehicles kill about 2,000 Canadians, seriously injure 10,000 people and injure about 165,000 citizens per year in our country.

Since more travelling is expected on the Thanksgiving weekend the campaign has chosen to take place on the same dates to remind holiday travellers that road safety starts with each driver. With higher levels of traffic this weekend, risk of collision increases. Over the past four years within the RCMP dispatch areas of Kindersley, Eston and Kerrobert  there have been a reported 537 motor vehicle collisions. 10 of which have been fatalities. Hence why the local RCMP are active supports and participants of Operation Impact.

Just remember, your actions have impact.

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