Do You Know What to Do When You Hear An Emergency Siren?

When it comes to an emergency situation, every second counts. Emergency vehicles need to be able to reach their destinations as quickly and safely as possible. When you hear an emergency siren, do you know what to do?

Emergency vehicles had the right-of-way and can take precedence over all other traffic.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If an emergency vehicle approaches you with lights flashing or sirens on, be sure to safely pull over to the right side of the road as quickly as possible. If this occurs on a 1-way street, pull over to the nearest curb (to clear centre lanes). Remember to watch for other emergency vehicles responding.
  • Do not enter an intersection (as a driver or pedestrian) until the emergency vehicle is completely through it. Even if your light is green (or walk light).
  • If you see an emergency vehicle stopped with lights flashing, slow down to 60 km/h unless you are driving on the opposite side of a divided highway. This rule also applies for service vehicles or tow trucks on the side of the highway with amber or blue lights flashing.

Together we can all keep our roads and emergency personnel safe.

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